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Interview Preparation

Make the most of your moment! With proper preparation and practice, you can have a powerful influence on the success of your next interview. Key elements include professional dress, pre-interview research and virtual interview practice. 

Learn what to expect by familiarizing yourself with different interview styles. Review and practice how to answer different types of sample questions, and find out what to do before, during and after the interview. 

Make a Strong First Impression

Look Like a Professional – 92 percent of employers surveyed said that appearance influenced their opinions about candidates. Well-tailored business attair is always appropriate. 

Shake Hands Firmly – Now isn't the time to crush your interviewer's hand or offer a limp, lifeless handshake. You'll communicate poise and professionalism with a firm handshake.

Maintain Eye Contact with Your Interviewer – When the interviewer is speaking, demonstrate active listening by looking at them. Don't be caught looking at the floor or around the room. 

Pre-Interview Research

It is essential that you understand the history and company culture of your potential employer before you arrive at your interview. Take the extra steps to learn what goes beyond that, like company successes, services and competitors. The internet is an invaluable tool for learning about an organization. Try talking with contacts inside the organization and researching key players. A well-researched job candidate always makes a good impression.

Virtual Practice Interviews

If you want to be ready for your next career meeting, then practice is a prerequisite. Online interviews are some of the best tools to polish your speaking skills and be interview-ready. With a little initiative, you'll walk into your interview with the poise that comes from being prepared. Prior to signing up for a live mock interview, you are encouraged to practice your interviewing skills with Big Interview.

Big Interview is a web-based program that can be accessed from your own technology. Just select your questions and a professional interviewer will appear on your screen and ask them. Respond just as you would in a real interview. You can record an unlimited amount of practice interviews and send them to employers, professors, friends and Career Center staff for review and feedback. 

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