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Career Center

Top Employers

USC’s top employers list recognizes those organizations who have hired the most USC students in the previous academic year as reported to us by both employers and students.

Congratulations Top Employers

The top employers are listed in alphabetical order.

How to Qualify as a Top Employer

The Career Center collects data from both employers and students to determine employment outcomes and to designate top employers. Therefore, in addition to completing your employer survey, you may also want to encourage any hired students or alumni to log their information as well.

Employer Data Collection

  • Complete the Employer Hiring Survey for each student who accepted your offer.
  • For a large number of surveys due to multiple hires, please use an Excel template. Send your request for the template to Once the template is complete, please email it back to the same email address.

Student Data Collection

  • Students are surveyed through the Annual Graduation Survey.
  • Co-op and internship students are asked to log into their Handshake account and report their internship under "Experiences."

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