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Career Center

Career Champion

The Career Center is excited to announce our new Career Champion Program! Career Champion is a campus wide program designed to visibly identify faculty and staff who are especially equipped to assist students with career decision making. 

Course Description 

The Career Champion training workshop engages participants in a tailored curriculum designed to provide them with knowledge about the career development process and the foundations of employability, as well as teaching best practices for having career conversations with students.  Participants will learn valuable helping skills, goal setting techniques, ethical practices, and how best to make referrals to available resources.  Career Champions will also leave with resources they can use in their own professional career.  Those who complete the training program will receive a Career Champion decal to display in their office, inviting students to approach them to discuss career related topics.

Career/Major Outcomes (Part I)

  • Gain a basic knowledge of the career development theories, career decision making process and employability.
  • Gain a foundation of basic helping skills to best assist students with career planning.
  • Learn how to assist students with goal setting in regards to their career development.
  • Learn how to make an effective referral to the Career Center.
  • Learn the professional and ethical guidelines as outlined through the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE). 


Experience Outcomes (Part II)

  • Gain basic knowledge around experiential education.
  • Learn about different opportunities in the Career Center and beyond available for students to gain experience.
  • Learn how to help students identify what opportunities they are interested in and know where to find them.
  • Gain knowledge in how to support students while they are involved in their experience to make it more impactful.
  • Learn how to encourage reflection during and after the experience.
  • Gain a basic knowledge of how to handle concerns that can arise while a student is participating in an experiential education opportunity.


Level I: In this two-part, virtual training you will learn valuable helping skills, goal setting techniques, ethical practices, and how best to make referrals to available resources. 

Level II: In this two-part, virtual training , you will learn valuable skills around experiential education. Specifically, what is experiential education, how you can help your students before an experience, during an experience, and after they have an experience.

Level III: In this two-part, virtual training, we will take a closer look at helping our students become career ready and developing core competencies they need for success. Specifically answering the question "what can I do as a faculty/staff member to support my student in obtaining career ready competencies while fostering demonstration of these competencies?" 

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