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Prep for Interviews

Make the most of your moment. With proper preparation and practice, you can have a powerful influence on the success of your next interview.

Make a Strong First Impression

Look Like a Professional – 92% of employers surveyed said that appearance influenced their opinions about candidates.  Well-tailored business attire is always appropriate.

Shake Hands Firmly – Now isn’t the time to crush your interviewer’s hand or offer a limp, lifeless handshake. You'll communicate poise and professionalism with a firm handshake.

Maintain Eye Contact With Your Interviewer – When the interviewer is speaking, demonstrate active listening by looking at them. Don't be caught looking at the floor or around the room. 


How We Can Help

Learn what to expect by familiarizing yourself with different interview styles, reviewing some sample questions and finding out what to to do before, during and after the interview. 


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