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Center for Teaching Excellence

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Certificates of Completion

The Center for Teaching Excellence in partnership with other university offices offers a selection of certificates of completions for faculty, instructors and teaching graduate students. 

All Certificate of Completion requirements must be completed through the Center for Teaching Excellence to receive credit.

Entering Mentoring

The Entering Mentoring training is an evidence-based, interactive approach to becoming an effective mentor that will help develop the skills for engaging in productive, culturally responsive mentoring relationships, relationships that optimize success for the mentor and the mentee. Entering Mentoring accelerates the process of becoming an effective mentor by introducing a framework for mentoring, providing opportunities to experiment with different methods of mentoring, and a forum for peer-to-peer problem solving.

Fostering Proactive Learning Environments (FPLE)

Fostering Proactive Learning Environments (FPLE) certificate of completion is an initiative of The Center for Teaching Excellence and the Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity.  The FPLE is designed to assist faculty, instructors and teaching graduate students to understand today’s student and how to structure your class to foster a sense of belonging, develop proactive and reactive strategies for handling academic misconduct and practice how to avoid and address classroom conflicts. Participants are required to attend four (4) required workshops and two (2) electives. Participants will have 3 academic semesters (not including summer semesters) to complete the certificate. 

Integrative and Experiential Learning (IEL)

The Certificate in Integrative and Experiential Learning certificate (IEL) is an initiative of The Center for Teaching Excellence and the Center for Integrative and Experiential Learning. The program is designed to bring together faculty, instructors, and graduate students interested in exploring ways to help students reflect on and connect what they do within and beyond their curriculum, embrace multiple perspectives, and synthesize and transfer their knowledge to new, complex situations. 

Mental Health and Well-being Competency Program for Faculty

There has been an increase in students experiencing mental health distress in college and oftentimes, faculty are the first to observe these behaviors. The Mental Health and Well-being Competency Certificate program is an initiative from Student Health and Well-Being with the goal of the helping faculty members feel better equipped to respond to the growing mental health needs of students. This certificate program is designed to address the growing need of faculty preparedness in responding to this new challenge.  This training series will help faculty learn how to recognize the warning signs of distress, how to appropriately intervene and refer students in all levels of distress, how to incorporate key concepts of resilience into the curriculum, and lastly, how to respond to trauma in the classroom. Faculty will receive a certificate of completion after completing all four trainings in two consecutive semesters.

Redesign for Teaching Excellence (RTE)

The Redesign for Teaching Excellence program is designed as a collaborative process between faculty and CTE instructional designers that emphasizes continuous improvement in course design. The program's goal is to inspire faculty to enhance their teaching practices and improve student learning outcomes. Instructional designers work closely with participants to improve their courses within a four-week period, utilizing the backward design framework. The areas of collaboration include learning outcomes, alignment, course materials, assessment strategies, technology integration, active learning, and accessibility.

Teaching and Learning with Generative Artificial Intelligence

The Teaching and Learning with Generative Artificial Intelligence Certificate will equip participants with practical knowledge and strategies needed to unlock Generative AI's full potential in education.  Participants will learn how to integrate Generative AI into their teaching practices to create enriched learning environments for their students. 

Teaching Towards Inclusive Excellence

The Teaching Towards Inclusive Excellence (TTIE) certificate of completion is an initiative of The Center for Teaching Excellence and the Division of Access, Title IX, and Community Engagement. The TTIE program is designed to provide an opportunity for faculty, instructors and teaching graduate students to support USC’s commitment to inclusive excellence both within and outside their classroom.

Teaching with the Library

The Teaching with the Library certificate of completion is designed for instructors seeking to enhance their teaching through effective utilization of library resources and services. This certificate equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to incorporate library collections into course curriculum, improve research learning outcomes, streamline course readings in Blackboard, and support textbook affordability through a deeper understanding of the publishing landscape.

How to Register for Certificates of Completion Workshops

To register to attend a certificate of completion workshop, you will be required to create a training account. If you have an existing account with the Division of  Human Resource, Office of Organizational and Professional Development, you will use the same login information.  When attempting to register for an approved workshop, you will be directed to login or create an account before you can register.

Certificate of Completion Programs: How to Check Your Progress?

Did you know you can check your progress for each CTE Certificate of Completion Program online?  Participants with a CTE training account, registered and attended certificate of completions workshops can check their progress online by following the steps below. Please note that the Center for Teaching Excellence manages only the certificate programs listed above.

  1. Log onto Registration and Tracking System for Workshops and Events.
  2. Enter your email address and password associated with your CTE Training Account.
  3. Once in the system, click on a specific learning plan for the certificate of completion program you would like to view.  The learning plan button is located on the left-hand side in the menu screen.
  4. Click “View” and a personalized learning plan status report will appear on the screen for the certificate of completion plan selected.  The learning plan status report shows how many workshops you have taken, requirements you need to complete as well as the title of each workshop.

The learning plans also provide a status progress update. 

  • Partial means you have met some of the requirements for a specific certificate of completion program.
  • Complete means you have met all the requirements for a specific certificate of completion program.
  • Not Started means you have not completed any of the requirements for a specific certificate of completion program.

Completed your certificate? At the conclusion of each semester, reports are run to determine who has completed each certificate. Upon completion, you will receive an email asking for your current mailing address and your name as you would like it to appear on the certificate. Subsequently, certificates will be mailed to the address provided. If you do not receive your certificate by the middle of the following semester, kindly contact CTE for assistance.


Please contact the Center for Teaching Excellence at if you have any questions.

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