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  • PFF 2019 Award Recipients

PFF Award Recipients

Completion of the Preparing Future Faculty program is a significant achievement, as it reflects the initiative taken by graduate students and post-docs who are intentionally seeking out responsibilities expected of a university faculty member. Participation in the PFF Program at USC has grown yearly since its inception in 2007, as graduate students and postdocs are becoming more aware of the increasingly competitive job market for faculty positions. PFF Awardees originate from all colleges, schools, and disciplines across the university.

David Adelman, Media Arts
Mohammad Fahd Ebna Alam,
Mechanical Engineering
Abeer Alharbi,
Health Services Policy and Management
Noor Alshareef,
Health Services Policy and Management
Paul Beguelin,
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment
Nandini Bhalla,
School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Kelli S. Boling,
School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Marian O. Botchway,
Health Promotion, Education and Behavior
Barbara K. Bujak,
Health Promotion, Education and Behavior
Leila Chelbi,
School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Gregory J. Clark,
Baillie A. DeHaven,
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kevin Diana,
Allison R. Dunavant,
School of Visual Arts and Design
Tabitha Epperson,
Gloria Esoimeme,
Health Services Policy and Management
Elena Galkina,
George Lewis Grieve,
Exercise Science
Melanie Linn Gwynn,
Health Services Policy & Management
Julianna M. Jayne,
Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior
Dan Jin,
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Timothy Koba,
Sport and Entertainment Management
Edward Lawson, Jr.,
Political Science
Joseph Patrick Neary,
Educational Leadership and Policies
Stacey M. Olson,
College of Social Work
Karie Lee Orendorff,
Physical Education
Caleb A. Padgett,
Biomedical Sciences
Jeremy Patterson,
Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Jason Porter,
School of Visual Arts and Design
Jack Reeves,
Health Services Policy & Management
Chelsea Lynes Richard,
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Bianca Robinson,
Mayra A. Roman-Rivera,
Walker J. Ross,
Sport and Entertainment Management
Jonathan Ruiz-Ramie,
Exercise Science
Clint Saidy,
Mechanical Engineering
Azzam Saadi Salman,
Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Scroggins,
Sport and Entertainment Management
Hyejo Hailey Shin,
School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Samaneh Shiri,
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Emily R. Shull,
Exercise Science
Maeve Snyder,
Biological Sciences
Nicholas J. Sokol,
Judit Trunkos,
Political Science
Md Majbah Uddin,
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Maria Elizabeth Zubizarreta,
Environmental Health Sciences

Bahman Ajdari, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Noble Chibudo Anumbe, Mechanical Engineering
Charity B. Breneman, Exercise Science
Nicole Maria Dietze, Theatre and Dance
Khadija Ejaz, Mass Communication
Sara J. English, College of Social Work
Rebekah Fry, Piano Pedagogy
Clay Robert Fuller, Political Science
Mitra Shiran Ganewatta, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kelly Gibson, School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment
Mohammad Rifat Haider, Health Services Policy and Management
Elizabeth Jane Hartnett, School of Library and Information Sciences
Maria Hosseinipour, USC School of Medicine
Kathryn Irene Hoy, Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior
Cantrell Johnson, School of Library and Information Sciences
Kristen Larsen, Biological Sciences
Vinal Vinod Menon, USC School of Medicine
Somang Min, Hospitality Administration
Porchia Moore, School of Library and Information Sciences
Christian Nelson, Health Services Policy and Management
Kate Olscamp, Exercise Science
Nathan A. Peters, Exercise Science
Thomas J. Pratt,,Hospitality Management
Shyamkumar Sriram, Health Services Policy and Management
Muthanna Sultan, School of Medicine
Ashley Swavely, Exercise Science
Mateja Vuk, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Elizabeth A. Wakefield, Anthropology
Deborah Hughes Warden, College of Nursing
Kelly Lynn Wheeler, English, American Literature
Kangmin Xie, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bridget E. Bachman, Marine Science
Anna M. Barry
, English
Morgan N. Clennin
, Exercise Science
Brianna R. Cornelius, Linguistics
Benjamin T. Davis, Civil and Environmental Engineering
April M. Dawkins
, School of Library and Information Science
Audrey S. Duke
, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Caroline Glagola Dunn, Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior
Emad Gheibi, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ragan Glover
, English
Chun H. Hsieh
, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Hannah Huber, English
Melissa B. Kolar, Exercise Science
Allison M. Latshaw, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jennifer Martin, English Literature
Bryan J. Mathis
, Cell Biology and Anatomy, School of Medicine
Trevor C. Meyer
, English Rhetoric & Composition
Melanie Morse
, Psychology
Caroline Mosser
, Comparative Literature
Daniela Veronica Negraia
, Sociology
Elizabeth Nelson
, Geography
Zi Jia Ng
, Psychology
Dumbiri Joy Onyeajam
, Health Services Policy and Management
Olubunmi Orekoya
, Epidemiology
Heather M. Ouellette, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Lydia Proctor, Integrated Biomedical Sciences, School of Medicine
Md Mostaqur Rahman
, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Danny Sauceda
, Exercise Science – Rehabilitation Sciences
Danielle E. Schoffman
, Health Promotion, Education and Behavior
Courtney Suzanne Schrock
, Health Promotion, Education and Behavior
Nahid Shayesteh Moghaddam
, Physics and Astronomy
Taylor Short
, Mathematics
Holly L. Smith
, Geography
Jenna Steiner
, Linguistics
Napat Tandikul
, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Nikita K. Ussin
, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jane Long Weatherred
, School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Monique Johnette Williams, Health Services Policy and Management
Erin Witalison, Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences
Samantha L. Yaussy
, Anthropology
Md Hassan Zamir
, School of Library and Information Science

Merissa Baxter, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Elizabeth McCall Bemiss, Instruction and Teacher Education – Language & Literacy
Gina Besenyi, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Genine L. Blue, Educational Studies
Brandon Boesch, Philosophy
Kristyna C. Carter, Geography
Katherine Chandler, Piano Pedagogy
Justin Copeland, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Janae Davis, Geography
Tarik Dogru, Hospitality, Retail and Tourism Management
Gaya Elpitiya, Chemistry and Biochemistry – Inorganic
Matthew Facciani, Psychology
Katherine A. Feather, Counselor Education and Supervision
Roel Feys, Philosophy
Brittany A. Garvin, Instruction and Teacher Education
Simone Gause, Educational Leadership and Policies
Frederick R. Kates, Health Services Policy and Management
Kamaljeet Kaur, Exercise Science
Melissa Kolar, Exercise Science
Jeffery Cole Kreeger, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Yuen Yan Lau, Ph.D., Postdoc - Exercise Science
Jamie Levitt, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Hengyun Li, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Hongbo Liu, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Alexandria G. McCombs, Geography
Daniela Veronica Negraia, Sociology
Julian D. Owens, Instruction and Teacher Education – Teaching and Learning
E. Paige Price, Political Science
Mary Ann Priester, College of Social Work
Rui Qi, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Alycia Roberts, School Psychology
Marsha Ema Samson, Epidemiology
Aubrey L. Sejuit, Counselor Education and Supervision
Kimberly Smith, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Sueanna G. Smith, English
Ryan D. Starcher, Civil and Environmental Engineering / Geotechnical
Scott Taylor, Jr., School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Lauren Vaughn, Biological Sciences – Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
Yuan Wang, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Shana Watson, Biomedical Science
Samantha Yaussy, Biological Anthropology
Charlton W. Yingling, History

Rahma Jamea Yousef Ajja, Exercise Science
Hilmi Atahan Atadil, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Jennifer S. Bartell, English Language and Literature
Katie M. Becofsky, Exercise Science
Diego Bufquin, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Sarah Kate Calcutt, Theatre Education
Brianna Cassidy, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Casey Childers, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Marc Demont, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Jennifer Fill, Biological Sciences
Emily O. Garnett, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Danielle Gentile, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Lauren E. Grabowski, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Benjamin K. Haywood, Geography
Daniel T. Hughes, Biological Sciences
Ann Blair Kennedy, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
TJ Kimel, Political Science
Qiulin Lu, Hospitality Management
Julia McKinney, Linguistics
Isabel Meusen, Languages Literatures, and Cultures
Joni D. Nelson, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Tara D. Raftery, Environmental Health Sciences
Daniel A. G. Remar, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Naveed Sadiq, Health Services Policy & Management
Arpit Saxena, Exercise Science
Brian Seiler, Physical Education
Robin P. Shook, Postdoctoral Associate, Exercise Science
Chiwoneso Beverley Tinago, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Kristin M. Van De Griend, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Mark VanDriel, History
Yingsha Zhang, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Olusoga Martins Akintunde, Earth and Ocean Sciences
Jennifer Almeda, Political Science
Brandi L. Ballard, English
De Anna Estella Beasley, Biological Sciences
Caroline D. Bergeron, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Grishma Patel Bhavsar, Health Services Policy and Management
Min Cai, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Charles David Crabtree, Political Science
Shannon Kathleen Crowley, Exercise Science
Jessica D'Atri, Linguistics
Jennifer Gander, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Brittani Harmon, Health Services Policy and Management
Erin Kaye Howie, Exercise Science
Morgan Hughey, Exercise Science
Celia James, History
Deshia A. Leonhirth, Health Services Policy and Management
Ali S. Masood, Political Science
Tabatha V. McAllister, Counselor Education and Supervision
Austin Tyler Mohr, Mathematics
Melanie Elizabeth Perrault, Physical Education and Athletic Training
Padmavathy Nandha Premnath, Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences
James Risk, History
Jennifer L. Slobodian, Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Legna M. Torres-Garcia, Earth and Ocean Sciences
Lauren M. Workman, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior 

Vittoria Anello, School Psychology
Kanadpriya Basu, Mathematics
Treena Basu, Mathematics
Charity Brown, School Psychology
Florencia Cornet, Comparative Literature
Julia Ann Englund, School Psychology
Heather Smith Googe, Special Education
Jennifaye V. Greene, Exercise Science / Physical Therapy Program
Igor Kondratiev, Electrical Engineering
Ryan Lacy, Experimental Psychology
Isha Metzger, Clinical-Community Psychology
Keith Moore, Biomedical Engineering
Kelly Ann Moore, Biomedical Engineering
Suzanne Moskalski, Earth and Ocean Sciences
Ashley Murph-Schwarzer, Political Science
Olga Nedorub, Earth and Ocean Sciences / Geological Sciences
Jay Neutzler, Mechanical Engineering
Jean Marie Place, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Allie Reckendorf, Political Science
Rebecca Reid, Political Science
Ashlye V. Rumph-Geddis, Instruction and Teacher Education – Teaching and Learning
John C. Sieverdes, Exercise Science
Peter Warren, Clinical-Community Psychology
Tatiana Y. Warren, Exercise Science
Brandy S. Wilson, Social Foundations of Education 

Winston Abara, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Shiva Balasubramanian, Chemical Engineering
Timothy L. Barnes, Epidemiology and Biostatistics 
Melissa Beaudoin, Political Science 
Karen E. Brinkley, Public Administration 
Kathy Dhotre, Epidemiology 
Anne Meike Eilert, Marketing
Mark T. Evans, History 
Colby King, Sociology
Robin Fogle Kurz, Library and Information Science
Ari Perez Mejia, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Maggi Chandlee Miller, Epidemiology 
Diana Mindrila, Educational Psychology/Educational Studies
Jason Keith Neill, Counselor Education and Supervision
Michelle C. Phillips, Experimental Psychology 
Alexandria Cooley Reynolds, Experimental Psychology
Abigail Lundelius Smith, English
Ryan F. Smith, Piano Performance
Sandhya Sanduja, Biological Sciences
Young Hoon Song, Political Science 

Viji R. Avali, Computer Science and Engineering
Jessica D. Bellinger, Health Services Policy and Management
Sarbani Bose, Comparative Literature
Alexis Koskan, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Jan O. Mangual, Chemical Engineering
Elizabeth Marie Schneider, School Psychology
Yu Tian, Accounting
Lisa Tisdale Wigfall, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior 

Christopher T. Allen, Biological Sciences
Daniel Baczkowski, Mathematics
Ginny F. Byrd, College of Social Work
Chanda Livingston Cooper, Earth and Environmental Resources Management
Clayton A. Copeland, Library and Information Science
Scott Dirske, Piano Pedagogy
Tracy Fasolino, College of Nursing
Faith E. Fletcher, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Rebecca L. Gazda, Experimental Psychology Behavioral Neuroscience
Heather Hawn, Political Science
Sarah Refi Hind, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Tonya Jasinski, Counselor Education and Supervision
Lorie James, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Evelyn Lawrenz, Marine Science
Stephen L. Mann, Linguistics
Chinelo Ogbuanu, Health Services Policy and Management
Adam Joseph Pernsteiner, Public Law
Melissa Ranhofer, Marine Science
India Dorothy Rose, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Jennifer Tison, Political Science
Michelle Williams, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior 

Acchia N. J. Albury, Biological Sciences
Jennifer R. Amos, Chemical Engineering
Dana Rose Baker, School of Medicine
Sara Eye Burrows, History
Karl D. Castillo, Marine Science
Chei Hwee Chua, International Business
Luis Alfonso Dau Farah, International Business
Jennifer Lynn Gay, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Maryam Jafari-Lafti, Computer Science & Engineering
Ibouratou Olga, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Mama-Yari Ogoussan, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Pamela E. Marsh, Geological Sciences
Scott Mayberry, Philosophy
Kerry McCarney-Castle, Geological Sciences
Markesha Miller, Educational Studies
Ikechukwu U.Ogbuanu, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Sara Peters, Psychology
Lauran Riser, Anthropology
Mark Scott Sargent, Religious Studies
Kate Scott, Mathematics
Mariana Toma-Drane, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Erin Teal Watson, School of Medicine  

Jennifer Hope Barwick, Biological Sciences
Shelly-Ann K. Bowen, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Julie Freelove Charton, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Loralee Donath, Linguistics
Lois Ann Dowers, Anthropology
Aba D. Essuon, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Brenda L. Garcia Diaz, Chemical Engineering
TaQuesa McClain, Health Services Policy and Management
Alicia Jill Newton, Geological Sciences
Whitney Pate, Marine Science
Anna E. Price, Health Promotion, Education & Behavior
Michael J. Martines Rodriguez, Chemical Engineering
Ahmed M. Abdel Sattar, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Anton H. C. Smith, Electrical Engineering
Roy Hampton Smith, College of Nursing  


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