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Accessibility becomes more important every year as institutions of higher education extend their reach and course offerings to a variety of students near and far.

Making Your Class Accessible

Educators may or may not know whether online students have disabilities. Students with hidden disabilities may or may not register with the Student Disability Resource Center. So it is essential that courses are designed with accessibility in mind. Course accessibility means that individuals, no matter their disability, can access course materials with substantially equivalent ease of use as students without disabilities. Accessibility also has the potential to benefit all users, including persons where English is their Second Language and individuals with changing abilities due to aging.

Digital Accessibility at USC

The University of South Carolina has made a commitment to provide accessible content in all of our digital spaces. Accessible digital content helps those with disabilities, yes. But it also creates better, richer digital experiences for all. Make the Digital Accessibility website your go-to for learning the specifics of digital accessibility and how to provide content that’s accessible. Visit for Guides and Tutorials with easy, straightforward steps for creating accessible digital content in your everyday work. Also check out Roles and Responsibilities to learn what aspects of digital accessibility apply to your role, where you can find help, and how to ensure effective accessibility-related decision-making.

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