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Education Abroad Office

Academic Year 2022-2023 Blogs

Over the 2022-2023 academic year, USC students who are studying across the globe are collecting their stories to share with the rest of the Carolina community!  Check them out below.

Stay tuned as our #FreeRangeGamecocks continue to upload their stories, photos, and experiences from their time abroad during the 2022-2023 academic year! If you are interested in blogging throughout your time abroad, apply to be a Global Correspondent here. Current students and study abroad alumni also have opportunity to submit individual blogs as Global Contributors here. Join your fellow Gamecocks in sharing fantastic stories from around the world!

Global Correspondent: Eliza Peery  |  Brussels  |  IB Exchange  |  ICHEC Brussels Management School

Global Correspondent: Hannah Zwirn  |  Prague  |  Global Partner with CEA  |  Anglo-American University

Global Correspondent: Emily Sikora  |  Quito  |  Global Exchange  |  University of San Francisco de Quito

Global Correspondent: Zainah Amer  |  Cairo  |  IB Exchange  |  The American University of Cairo

Global Correspondent: Robert Laskarzewski  |  Cergy  |  IB Exchange  |  ESSEC Cergy

Global Correspondent: Lilith Hutton  |  Trim |  Global Partner  |  Blackfriary Archeology Field School

Global Correspondent: Emily Osman  |  Florence  |  Global Partner with SAI  |  Florence University of the Arts

Global Correspondent: Kirsten Clark  |  Sorrento  |  Global Partner with SAI  |  Sant'Anna Institute

Global Correspondent: Allie Hoffman  |  Rome  |  Global Partner with ISA  |  American University of Rome

Global Correspondent: Lexington Whalen  |  Tokyo  |  Global Partner with CIS Abroad  |  Toyo University

Global Correspondent: Lilith Hutton  |  Tokyo, Kamakura, Kyoto, Hiroshima  |  Global Classroom  |  Social Work and Buddhism

Global Correspondent: Elina Rindle  |  Singapore  |  IB Exchange  |  ESSEC Asia-Pacific

Global Correspondent: Caitlin Kniker  |  Barcelona  |  Global Partner with SAI  |  Universidad Autónomo de Barcelona

No Spain No Gain  |  A Collection of Stories from Students  | Global Classroom:  An Overview of the Influence of Sport on Spanish Culture and Health

Global Correspondent: Isabella Cuervo  |  Madrid  |  Global Exchange  |  Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Global Correspondent: Olivia Bachmann  |  Montevideo  |  IB Exchange  |  ORT Uruguay

Global Correspondent: Katelyn Stroud  |  Hanoi  |  IB Exchange  |  Foreign Trade University


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