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Education Abroad Office

Sexual Health

Remember that sexual health may be conceptualized differently in the country to which you are traveling. If you choose to be sexually active, it is important that you take control of your sexual health.

Here are a few guidelines to address sexual health needs:

  • Contraceptives such as condoms may not be regulated or readily available in other countries. If you use these in the U.S., it is best to bring a supply from home to be better prepared.
  • If you take birth control, speak with your doctor before departure to secure an adequate supply for the duration of your program. If you are unable to do so, research equivalents in your host country and the best manner to secure it. See the Immunizations & Medications page for more information regarding prescriptions.
  • Just as in the United States, STI/STDs and HIV/AIDS are present abroad. Maintain safe sex practices abroad to reduce your risk.
  • If you are ever a victim of sexual assault while abroad, you can contact your on-site program staff, the Education Abroad Office, USC Police, or USC's Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention, which is a confidential resource. See the Crime & Interpersonal Violence page for more information regarding sexual assault reporting procedures.


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