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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Complete the FAFSA

While the FAFSA can be done in as few as 30 minutes, take your time to enter everything accurately. We have a few simple tips to help you avoid mistakes on the FAFSA. This will help you get feedback about your aid much faster.

Tips for Completing Your FAFSA

We suggest doing the FAFSA online because it is quicker and you are less likely to make mistakes. If you have any problems, contact the Federal Student Information Center.

Phone: 1-800-433-3243

If you must complete a paper FAFSA, you can download the 2024-25 FAFSA  and mail the paper copy to Federal Student Aid Programs, P.O. Box 70204, London, KY 40742-0204.

While you only need to do one FAFSA, you can pick multiple schools to get your FAFSA results. In the right section, please use our School Code — 003448 — so your FAFSA will be sent to us.

In this same section, you will also need to explain where you plan to live. Please note that USC requires all freshman students to live on campus.

When submitting your FAFSA online, you and your parent (if dependent) will need to sign the FAFSA with your FSA ID and provide consent. Learn more about the FSA ID.

If you did the FAFSA online and listed USC as one of your schools, your FAFSA results will be sent to our office in about 3-4 business days. If you did a paper FAFSA and mailed it, the U.S. Department of Education will send us your FAFSA after they process it. 

To be considered for all available aid, submit your FAFSA by April 1. A complete FAFSA status means that you have turned in all forms that we may have asked for and nothing else is needed. Check your student requirements on the Financial Aid Dashboard.

Please do your FAFSA no later than early March to meet the April 1 deadline.  If you miss this deadline, you will likely miss out on the priority awards that are awarded shortly after April 1. Pell Grant and Direct Loan funds are not priority awards.

Check Your USC Email

We do our best to keep you informed about what we need from you. If we are unable to reach you by email (USC or FAFSA email account), we will send a letter to your mailing address.

If your plans change and you will no longer attend USC, send us an email and we will stop communications from our office for that year. 


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