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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Private Loans

Private student loans are loans funded by banks, credit unions or state agencies. Private loans should be used to fill in any gaps in the cost of college after all federal options have been used.

Private loans are offered to all students in a degree eligible program or an approved certificate program. Parents may be eligible to borrow a loan too. Before you borrow a private loan, do your research. Look at interest rates, repayment terms and fees. After you explore all options, apply directly with your lender of choice. Your lender will do a credit inquiry and share your options.

Loan amounts are limited by the student’s cost of attendance minus any other aid. To get a private loan, students must at least be enrolled and in some cases they must be meeting satisfactory academic progress. For more criteria, check with your lender. Processing time for private loans vary, but on average you can expect it to take 2 to 3 weeks.

Effective Spring 2024: If a student or parent borrower wishes to return funds from a private loan that have been disbursed, they must contact their lender directly to learn how they can return the loan funds back to the lender.


Previous Loan Providers

Below is an alphabetized list of private student loan lenders our students have used over the past five years. There is no significance attached to where a lender falls on the list, so please research all options available to make an informed decision. You are not limited to the lenders from this listing and may use any lender of your choosing.


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