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Experience The Resiliency Project

Take a moment to experience some of the elements of The Resiliency Project. The foundations explore who you are, how you relate to the world, and provide insight about how you might typically deal with the curve balls life throws you way.



Discover the things that make us who we are as individuals and what makes us operate as our most authentic selves. Understanding the self, our identities and values, is the entry point for understanding how we interact with others and impact our ability to handle setbacks.

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Explore the constructs of self-compassion and learn how one’s internal voice affects their ability to objectively assess what’s going on. This in turn relates to how one responds when something does not turn out as intended. 

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Reframing Failure

Examine what does it means to fail, how you were taught to process failure, and develop some tools to help reframe failure.

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Take a deeper look at the 10 ways to build resiliency

Coping Skills

Recognize the depth of the emotions you experience and practice coping skills such as mindfulness, positive affirmations, and gratitude to continue to build your resiliency.

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