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Division of Human Resources

Modifying Student Jobs

Once a student employee has been hired and starts working, there may be instances where the details of their job need to be modified in HCM PeopleSoft.

Human Resource related changes are made on the Student Job Change eForm.  The Student Job Change eForm includes the Graduate School in the approval workflow for all graduate job codes (except SGNA) and includes the Financial Aid Office for all work study job codes. Payroll related changes (funding changes) are made on the Funding Account Change eForm.

If a student employee is a continuing student according to the policy and will continue to work over the summer (May 16 – August 15) in a different job code, the position should be separated and a new Student Hire eForm should be initiated.

If a student’s duties are varying drastically or if their new duties also involve a potential change in FLSA status you should terminate the current appointment and initiate a new hire. The termination and new hire actions can be initiated at the same time.

If changing the job code from a non-Work Study to a Work Study or vice versa, you should always terminate the current appointment and initiate a new hire. This is because of the challenge presented changing to or from the split funding associated with a Federal Work Study (portion covered by the Financial Aid office and portion covered by the hiring Department).

Dates for Work Study hires differ from other student employees. Please refer to the Federal Work-Study website for the correct dates.

Examples of when you may be asked to adjust a student employee’s pay rate are when a supervisor indicates more funding has been made available, additional hours are being taken on, or to provide a salary increase for a student.

  • Pay rate changes for salaried students must align with a payroll effective date of either the 1st or the 16th of the month.
  • Hourly student pay rate changes can be effective any date.
  • The pay rate change will take effect on the paycheck for time worked as of the approved effective date.
  • Remember there are different pay schedules but all student employees are on a pay lag. Pay schedules for hourly student employees and for salaried student employees can be found on the Payroll website.

Student employee hours per week may fluctuate based on needs of the department, increased/decreased duties, challenging course schedule, or other personal reasons. If you need to alter the hours of a student employee remember the following:

  • International students cannot work more than 20 hours per week during the academic year while classes are in session.
  • International student employees may work over 20 hours per week during official university breaks or during the summer if they intend to enroll for the subsequent semester.
  • Federal Work Study students cannot work more than 20 hours per week.
  • Graduate students are generally capped at 20 hours per week, but students may submit a Graduate Assistant Appeal [pdf] to the Graduate School to request increased hours during the fall and spring semesters up to 25 hours per week. No appeal is necessary during the summer, but graduate students are capped at 28 hours per week.

Student employee supervisors may change during the course of their appointment for many reasons.

  • This is a simple change that does not need to align with a payroll effective date, rather should be the true date the change occurs.
  • If a supervisor of student employees is separating from their current role, you should initiate change requests to update to the new supervisor who will be taking on these responsibilities. There is not an automatic process to trigger this update.

Account changes for student employees are initiated through HCM PeopleSoft through the Payroll Account Funding Change eForm. These eForms do not route through Human Resources for approval, rather they are approved by the Payroll Office.

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