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Division of Human Resources

Resolving Paycheck Problems

Knowing the most common reasons for problems in a student's paycheck can help you resolve the issue quickly. These tips will help you diagnose the issue and put you and your student in touch with the right office to correct the problem.

  • If the student did not set up direct deposit in a timely manner, a paper check will be provided. If this occurs, contact your student hire representative or the Payroll Department for assistance. 
  • Encourage your students to review their paychecks for accuracy through Employee Self Service. The paychecks are available to view one day prior to the actual pay date.
  • To avoid paycheck-related problems, it is important to ensure that student employees are logging hours correctly in the Time and Absence System and that you as a supervisor, are approving student employee’s timesheets regularly and on time.
  • During your payroll validation, or if it’s brought to your attention by a student employee or supervisor, you may discover a discrepancy in a student employee’s timesheet. The most common discrepancies are the result of an improper time entry or a student employee with multiple positions logging hours for the wrong position.
  • Depending on the timing of the discovery and your role, you may need to resolve the problem yourself or direct the issue to the appropriate Time and Absence System Administrator.
  • In the event you are unable to remedy the issue, contact your student hire representatives or the Payroll Department for further assistance.

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