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Division of Human Resources

Separation (Offboarding)

Offboarding is the formal separation process between an employee and the university. Employees leave the university for voluntary and involuntary reasons.

Voluntary Separations

When you make the decision to leave the university, you are voluntarily resigning. The following steps will ensure a smooth transition before your departure.

Your written resignation to your supervisor and/or department head should be dated and signed. Include the reason for the resignation, position title, and expected separation date. A two-week notice to your supervisor is a standard practice.

For employees in full-time equivalent (FTE), research grant (RGP) and time-limited (TL) positions, you will receive an email to complete offboarding tasks. These tasks ensure items such as your pay, leave payouts (if applicable), and mailing address for W-2’s are updated. You have access to ESS (for limited functions) for 45 days from your separation date. Use this job aid to complete the tasks in ESS.

Exit Survey

An exit survey is included in your offboarding checklist and allows you the opportunity to share feedback about the work environment, culture, processes and systems, management and professional development opportunities. The university may address problems and implement improvements based on your feedback.

In addition to the exit survey, you may wish to speak to someone in Human Resources regarding your time at the university. To schedule an in-person interview, please contact your HR Service Team Representative.

Your campus/college/division/department may also conduct an internal exit interview. These exit interviews are separate and are not reported to the Division of Human Resources.

All information from the exit survey is reviewed by the Division of Human Resources. Aggregate data is provided to campus/college/division level contacts with identifying information removed. 

If an exit survey indicates a problem that we are required to report, then the appropriate reporting procedures are followed as indicated by university policy.


Involuntary Separations

When the university makes the decision to separate an employee, it is considered an involuntary separation or termination. Take the following steps to ensure all tasks are completed before your departure from the university.

Arrange with your supervisor and/or HR Contact to return all university property immediately or as soon as practicable.

These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Laptop (include cords, cases, external drives, docking stations, etc.)
  • Cell phones (include chargers, passwords, etc.)
  • Purchase Cards, Team Cards, or Travel Cards (submit any outstanding monthly statements/expense reports or receipts for purchases and surrender your card (if required).
  • Business Expense Prepaid Card (submit final settlement to and destroy the card.)
  • Any furniture or equipment you may have at a remote location
  • Keys
  • Carolina Card, spouse card, name tags and badges
  • Uniforms
  • Library books

Update contact information in ESS to ensure you receive your W-2, 1095-C and other important information. Submit final work hours and leave so that your final paycheck reflects the proper time and leave balances. You have access to ESS (for limited functionality) for 45 days from your separation date. If you need to update your contact information after the 45-day window, please contact your HR Service Team Representative.

 You will receive your final check based on whether you are paid current or on a lag. To determine if you are paid current or on a lag,

  • Check your hire date. An employee hired before April 1, 2019 is paid current. An employee hired on or after April 1, 2019 is paid on a lag; or,
  • Check your paystub for the pay group. Located on the top center of the paystub, if your pay group has CUR at the end, you are paid current. If your pay group has LAG at the end, you are paid on a lag.

If you are paid current, you should receive a final paycheck and any annual leave payout (if applicable), in the check cycle after your separation date.

If you are paid on a lag, you should receive a final paycheck, and any annual leave payout (if applicable), on the second pay date following our separation date.

Insurance ends the first of the next month following the last day worked. The COBRA packet will be mailed to your address on file. These forms can be accessed from PEBA’s website at


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