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Division of Human Resources

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Your First Day

Happy first day! We are so glad you are here and a part of our Gamecock community. Today will be busy, completing your online onboarding, getting familiar with your workspace, meeting your coworkers and colleagues, and getting your parking sticker and access cards.

Take Action

There is a lot to accomplish on your first day, including logging into university systems and setting up your direct deposit. To help you stay on track, your first day critical tasks are listed below.

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Understand Your University IDs

All employees are issued a Network Username, USC ID, and VIP ID during prehire account claiming.

  • Network Username is required for access to the wired and wireless networks, university email, and some departmental systems.  Before using your Network Username you will need to establish a password in

  • USC ID is a unique combination of letters and numbers issued to all faculty, staff, and students to securely manage your identification and records. You may be asked to provide your USC ID to verify your identity.   The USC ID, which is not used to log in to any system, is printed on the back of your CarolinaCard and available in
  • VIP ID is an eight-digit number that is assigned to every employee and may be used to log in to Self Service Carolina, to manage your CarolinaCard and access academic information. 

Multifactor Authentication is required for many systems and can be authenticated through traditional cell phones, landlines, smart phones, tablets, and with a hardware token.

Password help is available through the Division of Information Technology.

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Complete Your First Day Onboarding Tasks

Watch a welcome message from the Julian Williams, Vice President, Office of Access and Opportunity.

Login to Employee Self Service or refer to the email you received from "" to login using your Network Username and password.

Click on the "Onboarding" tile and use the left navigation to select "Your First Day" to complete the following tasks:

  1. Set up your paycheck to be deposited in up to three accounts.  Direct Deposit sign-up is required.
  2. Complete your Federal W-4 so that the university can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay.  Consider completing a new Form W-4 each year and when your personal or financial situation changes.
  3. Complete your SC-W4.
  4. Complete your emergency contact information.
  5. Watch required training videos, such as Securing the Human.
  6. Acknowledge required policies.
  7. Learn how to enter your worktime into our time and attendance system.

Click the "Mark Complete" button for each reviewed and completed task or the task will report as incomplete in the system and could trigger reminders. 

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Select Your Transportation or Parking Option

The Parking and Transportation Services office handles everything from registering your car or bicycle, leasing a USC vehicle, paying a parking ticket, to helping you find the nearest place to catch the university shuttle. They are also your source for a parking permit. A parking permit is required to use any unmetered campus parking space. 

If you need to go to the Parking Office to obtain a permit, they are located on the first level of the Pendleton Garage at the corner of Pendleton and Pickens.

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Order Your CarolinaCard

Your CarolinaCard is your passport to campus life at the University of South Carolina. The CarolinaCard serves as personal identification and provides access to many campus buildings and services. It can also be used as a declining balance card to make purchases at the campus bookstore and at restaurants both on and off campus. You will need your CarolinaCard to use the University Libraries, the PE Center, and utilize CarolinaCash accounts. 

Manage your CarolinaCard account and acquire a spouse card easily online.

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Review Timekeeping Policies and Procedures

Login to the Time and Absence System to enter working hours and request leave.

Review our leave policies to better understand your leave benefits. Reference your offer letter to determine your eligibility for various types of leave.

Speak with your manager to understand how to communicate unexpected or unplanned absences.

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Review Other Required Policies and Procedures

Speak with your manager about other important university policies and procedures that are required for your position or your department.


Learn More

  • University Email accounts are provided automatically during the employment onboarding process. The university uses Microsoft Exchange, and you may access your email using MS Outlook or through Office 365. You will use your Network Username and password to login. The university uses Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for accessing emails accounts.
  • Our Email Signature Generator can help employees create a standard email signature including contact details and the appropriate academic or university logo.
  • Professional head shots are available to portray your best self on your college/division webpages, your MS Office 365 icons, publications, conferences, etc.

  • Show your Gamecock spirit by adding digital swag to your phone or desktop.

Wired and wireless networks are available to employees in all buildings and most common outdoor spaces. Employees are welcome to connect personal devices to the campus wired or wireless networks.

  • Current antivirus software must be installed on all computers that connect to the university network.

Voicemail instructions and other helpful technology guides can be found in the online Knowledge Base.  Use your Network Username and Password to login to the Knowledge Base.

Tips for Remote access are available for employees who are working remotely.


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