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Division of Human Resources

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Before You Arrive

We are excited you are joining the University of South Carolina team! We know you are eager to begin your employment journey with us. The information below will help you get off to a strong start.

Take Action

In preparation for your first day, take the following steps to finalize your hiring process and gain access to important university systems.

USC partners with external vendors to support the pre-employment process for new employees. You will receive messages from different sources to help you complete necessary tasks. Read these instructions carefully to be aware of the necessary tasks.

If you do not receive one or more of the email messages listed below, please first check your spam or junk box, then contact your supervisor or the HR representative as indicated in your offer letter.

Track your progress using the list of all Communications and Deadlines [pdf] or this Onboarding Visual Guide [pdf]. If you need help completing these tasks, start by using our Onboarding Tips.

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Sign and Return Your Offer Letter

Follow the directions within your offer letter to sign and return the letter to your HR representative.

If applicable, please also sign and return your position description along with your offer letter.

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Complete Your Pre-Hire Steps in PeopleAdmin

Watch for an email from University of South Carolina <do-not-reply> This email will come to your personal email address labeled Immediate Action Required.

Follow the instructions to log in and complete the assigned tasks.

TIME SENSITIVE ALERT!  -- It is very important that you complete these short tasks in a timely manner. These tasks are necessary to finalize your hire and prepare you for access to university systems.

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Complete Section 1 of the I-9 Form

Watch for an email from This email will come to your personal email address.

Follow the instructions to log in and complete Section 1 of the I-9 form.

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Complete Your Background Screening

Watch for a message from This message will come as an email to your personal email address or as a text message to the phone number you provided on your application.

Complete the background screening questionnaire as thoroughly as possible.

Review the Background Screening Tip Sheet for Candidates [pdf] for more information.

TIME SENSITIVE ALERT!  - The HireRight invitation will expire within five (5) business days. If you do not respond within five business days, the background screening process must be reinitiated which may result in a delay in your hire.

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Claim Your University Account

Watch for an email from This email will come to the personal email address you provided in your Pre-Hire tasks (Step 1 above).

Follow the instructions provided in the email to log in and complete the necessary steps to claim your Network Username account from the university and register for the Carolina Alert Notification System.

A personal email address is required to claim your University Account. It provides an extra layer of account security in the event your university credentials are ever compromised.

TIME SENSITIVE ALERT! - You must complete the steps required to claim your account within 48 hours.

Notice for international employees who do NOT have a Social Security Number:

After you receive the email, but before you try to claim your account, call the USC Service Desk at 803-777-1800. Request your USC ID from the USC Service Desk.

To claim your University Account, as instructed in the email, you will be required to log in with your Legal Last Name, your Date of Birth, and either the Last Four digits of your Social Security Number or your USC ID.

It is very important that you have your USC ID before you claim your University Account and complete this step.


Additional Action Items for Faculty

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Register for Faculty Orientation

Faculty orientation programs provide critical resources and guidance to help new faculty make a smooth, enjoyable transition to the university.

Full-time faculty, register for New Faculty Orientation

 Adjunct faculty, register for Adjunct Faculty Orientation.

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Prepare Your Teaching Materials

  1. Download Syllabus Templates from the CTE website to make your work easier.

  2. Order textbooks through Barnes and Nobles’ FacultyEnlight.

  3. Visit Classroom and Teaching Logistics to review important information on the academic calendar, university LMS-Blackboard, opportunities to advance your teaching knowledge and effectiveness, support for online course delivery, and referring a student for help or intervention.

  4. Bookmark the Center for Teaching Excellence Events Calendar and sign-up for CTE Teaching Listserv to learn about current workshops and events.

As you develop your courses you may also find it helpful to request a consultation with a CTE Instructional Designer.


Learn More

We want you to feel at home in your new position and on our campus as quickly as possible. To get better acquainted with USC, review the following resources:

To learn about USC and the City of Columbia you can:

New faculty hires should also review:

All new employees are paid on a pay lag. This means that you will be paid approximately two weeks after the end of the current pay period. Additional information about the university pay schedules is available on the Payroll website.

Touch base with your new supervisor about where you should park on your first day and review the parking and transportation options and associated fees available for your workplace.

You should also discuss with your supervisor what time you should arrive on your first day and what the dress code is in your area.  If your supervisor has not already provided you with this information, don't hesitate to contact them.


Key Resources

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