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Division of Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

The following list of HR Policies will allow you to access downloadable PDFs for each Policy. You can also access more detailed information about timekeeping procedures, salary and pay information and state job classifications.

The list below only contains Human Resources Policies. Please visit the USC Policies and Procedures Manual for an index of university policies specific to other administrative divisions. You can also access faculty manuals, employee standards of professional conduct, policy approval procedures and other useful information.

HR policy also requires the use of workplace posters.

Policy Number Policy Name Keywords
(hidden column)
HR 0.00 Policy Disclaimer tag 1, tag2
HR 1.01 Drug-Free Workplace  
HR 1.02 University of South Carolina Ethics Policy  
HR 1.03 Annual Leave​  
HR 1.06 Sick Leave  
HR 1.07 Family and Medical Leave  
HR 1.08 Paid Parental Leave  
HR 1.09 Other Leave With Pay  
HR 1.10 Leave Transfer Policy  
HR 1.12 Leave of Absence (Leave Without Pay)  
HR 1.15 Holiday Leave  
HR 1.18 Hazardous Weather and Emergency Leave  
HR 1.22 Telecommuting  
HR 1.24 Recruitment and Appointment of Classified, Unclassified, Research Grant, Time Limited Employees  
HR 1.25 Appointments for Non-US Citizens  
HR 1.27 Nepotism  
HR 1.30 Outside Employment  
HR 1.33 Labor  
HR 1.34 Evaluation of Officers of the University and Administrators Reporting to the President  
HR 1.36 Performance Evaluation for Classified and Unclassified Non-Academic Staff  
HR 1.37 Pay for Performance  
HR 1.38 Base Salary Increases  
HR 1.39 Disciplinary Action and Termination for Cause  
HR 1.42 Grievance  
HR 1.45 Reduction in Force  
HR 1.48 Solicitation and Distribution  
HR 1.51 Professional Development for University Personnel  
HR 1.57 Separation from Employment and Break in Service  
HR 1.58 Demotions  
HR 1.60 Lactation Support Policy  
HR 1.61 Tuition Assistance  
HR 1.63 State Service Award Program  
HR 1.65 Employee Recognition  
HR 1.66 Workers' Compensation  
HR 1.69 Official Personnel Files and Records Release  
HR 1.77 Bonuses  
HR 1.78 Dual Employment  
HR 1.79 Salary Adjustments Outside of Base Pay  
HR 1.81 Summer Compensation for Faculty  
HR 1.84 Minimum Wage, Official Workweek, and Overtime Compensation  
HR 1.85 Research Grant or Time-Limited Positions  
HR 1.86 Student Employment Policy  
HR 1.87 Unclassified Staff in Research Positions  
HR 1.89 Separation Incentives   
HR 1.90 Background Screenings and Professional References   
HR 1.95 Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy  
HR 2.01 Succession Planning  
HR 2.02 Post-Retirement Employment  

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