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Division of Human Resources

Classified Salary Rates

Classified positions are assigned to pay bands that have minimum and maximum rates of pay for each position.

The level of experience required for a job may impact what salary (within the range) is appropriate for advertising purposes.

Our Classifications Form is a tool that allows you to search for the position for which you need information. It includes classified position titles with the advertised salary rate, minimum qualifications, band and class code.

The advertising “Rate A” represents the minimum salary for each pay band. Each subsequent rate represents a 5 to 20 percent increase over the minimum salary based on increased education or experience requirements. 

To see the minimum, midpoint and maximum for each of the 10 pay bands, please refer to the salary chart of South Carolina Pay Bands provided by the S.C. Department of Administration. 

If you are unsure which class title to select, first review the State Job Classifications. You will find the class specification assigned to each class title, which represents the official description for the position.

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