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Division of Human Resources

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Job Specific Training

USC is a big place and there is a lot to learn to perform your role and how to integrate into the university.

Offered through Academic Advising

Offered through University Registrar

Offered through the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX 

Offered through Division of Information Technology (DoIT)

Offered through Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Offered through University Libraries 

Listed under Research Support Workshops 

Offered by the Procurement Office through the Division of Human Resources' Organizational and Professional Development Office (HR-OPD)

This certificate program is being revised. Please check back to see when these classes will be offered. 

This certificate program is for new business personnel and experienced business managers who need refresher training. Participants who complete all four courses in this program receive a certificate of recognition for mastering the fundamental business processes at USC. Courses in this certificate program may be taken in any sequence.

Highlighting the requirements of the S.C. Consolidated Procurement Code, this course  covers the different types of bids and how they are handled by the Purchasing Office. There will be an emphasis on how each method affects work scheduling.

Date/Time: TBD

This course discusses the most commonly used Administration and Finance policies and procedures, including the basis for their inception and how they affect the day-to-day business of the university.

Date/Time: TBD

This course provides generalized information on the USC Purchasing Card, including how and when it should be used. This course is not the required purchasing card training for card holders or liaisons.

Date/Time: TBD

Provides an overview of state and university policies employees must follow when purchasing equipment, materials and supplies for the University of South Carolina.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Use USC purchasing forms.
  • Locate and apply mandatory procedures associated with S.C. Consolidated Procurement Code laws and regulations.
  • Determine methods of purchasing and procurement thresholds.
  • Document process flows to assure timely processing.
  • Make large expenditures that require bidding or documentation for sole source.
  • Apply tax options accurately when purchasing research equipment.
  • Use USC purchasing cards.
  • Interpret South Carolina state contracts.

Date/Time: TBD

Offered through the Office of the Controller

Offered through the Payroll Department  

Offered through the Payroll Department and Division of Human Resources (HR)

Offered through the Payroll Department and Division of Human Resources (HR)

Offered through the Division of Human Resources (HR)

  • EPMS Basic Training: Employee Relations staff can present a 30-45 minute EPMS basic refresher training in person or via MS Teams.  This training is designed for those who supervise staff who receive an EPMS.  The ideal time to present this course is within 90 days of the universal review date because it provides helpful tips and information about completing and submitting the EPMS forms.  This training is not a substitute for any LEAD coursework about EPMS, and as indicated, covers more general topics about completing the form itself rather than the higher-level concepts of the EPMS process.
  • HR Toolbox
  • PeopleAdmin
  • Succession Planning: Organizational and Professional Development can present a 30 minute session on succession planning for units, colleges and divisions.

Offered through the Division of Human Resources’ Organizational and Professional Development Office (HR-OPD)

Offered through Microsoft (unless otherwise indicated)












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