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Division of Human Resources

Plan a Position

The first step of the hiring process — and perhaps most important — is to think through and plan for all of the steps required to fill a position.

There are four types of positions that a manager might be required to fill:

  • Full Time Equivalent (FTE) - A numerical value expressing a percentage of time in hours and of funds related to a particular position authorized by the General Assembly. For example, one full-time 12-month position equals 1.0 FTE, while a 9-month faculty position equals .75 FTE.
  • Temporary - A full-time or part-time non-FTE position created for a period of time not to exceed one year.
  • Research Grant Position (RGP) - A non-FTE position specified in and funded by a federal grant, public charity grant, private foundation grant or research grant under the Life Sciences Act.
  • Time-Limited Position (TL) - A non-FTE position hired to fill a position with time-limited project funding approved or authorized by the appropriate State authority, and who is not a covered employee.

If you are not sure what type of position meets your needs, please contact the Classification and Compensation Office at

While every department or campus conducts the hiring processes a little differently, as a manager, there are several questions that will help you identify how to classify a job opening in your area.

  • What kind of funding or budget is available for this position?
  • Is this an existing position that I need to refill? 
  • Is it a new position? 

New Positions

Once you have confirmed the need for a new position and have secured the funding and FTE approval, a new position description must be submitted to the Classification and Compensation Office for review and approval through the PeopleAdmin system. Position descriptions may be saved in a draft state within the system until it is finalized and ready to send for approval. 

Existing Positions

If you have an existing vacant position that you wish to refill, you should update the position description to ensure its accuracy. You may log in as a hiring manager to update the position description.

Please contact the Classification and Compensation Office if you have questions concerning a position description or the online system, or if you are not on the Columbia campus.  If you have questions concerning funding or need to request a new FTE, please contact the Budget Office on your campus.

Developing an Inclusive PD

Whether you need to create a new position description or you already have an existing one, make sure to follow these guidelines [pdf] to ensure you are developing an inclusive position description. 

As a state entity, the university must carefully evaluate and monitor the number of FTE positions that we create and employ. Therefore, it is important that you review your department's FTE baseline [pdf] before you create or change a position. 

If this action will cause your department to exceed your FTE baseline, you will need to work with your division or college business office, or your campus budget office before proceeding. Below are the procedures to request an increase to the current FTE baseline for your area.

HR's Classification and Compensation Office will review all requests, coordinate with the Budget Office, and let you know whether the FTE request has been approved. 


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