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Division of Human Resources

Application and Screening Process

All faculty and staff FTE applications include a section which provides applicants an opportunity to indicate if they are eligible for the veteran preference.  The section includes a description of the preference so that applicants can make an informed selection. 

Screenshot of application showing Veterans' Prefernce

If an applicant answers, “yes,” to the Veteran’s Preference question and it has been determined they meet the minimum qualifications of the position, the candidate must be granted an interview upon the receipt and verification of their DD Form 214.  

If multiple applicants within an applicant pool meet the criteria of the Veteran’s Preference Initiative, you are not required to interview all applicants, but you are required to interview at least one of the applicants.

If there are no veterans within the applicant pool or there are no veterans that meet the criteria of the Veteran’s Preference Initiative, hiring units are not required to take any additional action.    

Screening Applicants

The applicant screening process in PeopleAdmin has been updated to facilitate the Veterans Preference process.  To easily review the veteran’s preference question on the application, a saved search has been developed.

In the Applicant tab of a posting, applicant reviewers and search committee members will now be able to select a “Veteran’s Preference,” saved search as shown below. 

Screenshot fo Veteran's Preference in PeopleAdmin


Once the saved search has been selected, two columns will be added to the applicant review section of PeopleAdmin.  The added columns will show as, “Are you eligible for Veterans’ Preference, and “Special Handling List.” Applicant reviewers and search committee members will have the ability to easily distinguish applicants who have self-identified as eligible for the preference. 

Screenshot of the Applicant Review section showing the Veteran's Preference columns 

Requesting the DD Form 214

  • To request the DD Form 214, the HR Contact will need to collaborate with the hiring manager to identify if there is a qualified veteran in the applicant pool.
  • The HR contact will then reach out to the veteran to request the DD Form 214 to be submitted via postal mail, in person, or by fax.
  • The HR contact will need to review the form to verify the veteran was honorably discharged. The DD Form 214 is only to be reviewed by the HR Contact.
  • Once verified, the HR Contact will email Talent Acquisition to confirm verification of the DD Form 214. The HR contact will then proceed with scheduling the interview.
  • The Office of Talent Acquisition will place the veteran on the Special Handling List.

Special Handling List

  • The Special Handling List in PeopleAdmin documents when an applicant has submitted the required DD Form 214.
  • Once Talent Acquisition places the veteran on the special handling list, it will reflect on all positions applied for in the future. Additional documentation is not needed moving forward.

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