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Division of Human Resources

Summer Compensation

Review the Summer Compensation section for instructions on how to submit compensation actions for FTE faculty and temporary faculty who worked in the previous spring 2024 semester.

Resources and Guidelines:

There are three different types of summer eForms that can be used:

1) Summer Hire eForm

This eForm is used to initiate summer compensation (instruction and ECOM/research) requests for FTE faculty.

2) Summer Job Change eForm

This eForm is used to initiate changes to currently active summer appointments for one of three reasons:

  1. Compensation changeSummer Job Change eForm for Compensation Data Change [pdf]  job aid.
  2. End-date or supervisor changeSummer Job Change eForm for End-Date or Supervisor Change [pdf] job aid.
3) Status Change eForm

This eForm is used to initiate separations prior to the expected end-date for currently active summer appointments.

The PBP2S Form [pdf] is used to process:

  • Compensation for summer school instruction for adjunct faculty (TFACs) who taught in the Spring 2024 semester.
  • Changes to compensation due to course enrollment increase or decrease for TFACs who taught in the Spring 2024 semester.
  • Separation of summer employment only if ending early for TFACs who taught in the Spring 2024 semester.

Review these instructions [pdf] before filling out the PBP-2-S form [pdf]. 

Offer Letters

All summer compensation requests require offer letters.

Submit  all completed forms and documents to

Funding changes for FTE faculty summer compensation follow the same rules as all other employee types.

  • Current and future dated changes are initiated on the Account Funding Change eForm in HCM.
  • Retro changes will be handled through the paper process [pdf].

All summer compensation requests for FTE faculty and TFACs require offer letters. Use the applicable template provided below:

Use this calculator [xlsx] to help track summer compensation for FTE faculty to ensure earnings do not exceed the maximum allowed earnings for summer compensation.

  • The calculator is a job aid for hiring units and does not need to be attached to eForms in HCM.
  • The calculator requires the employee’s pay basis, base salary, and projected earnings for summer instruction and ECOM to calculate the maximum allowable earnings.
  • It is recommended that you save the completed document for future adjustments to earnings as courses and ECOMs are added, changed and/or deleted.

Use the Summer Queries [pdf] job aid to run queries for summer hires within your security. 

  • Summer Compensation will be aligned on the same schedule as the faculty’s base pay of current or lag. All TFACs will be paid on a lag.

  • Summer compensation is not Dual Employment or additional pay, both of which cover compensation earned during the faculty’s base period of employment (contract period).

  • FTE faculty do not accrue sick leave while in temporary employment status for summer.

  • Summer compensation begins 05/16/2024 and ends 08/15/2024. FTE Faculty cannot be paid for summer compensation until the 5/16/2024 – 5/31/2024 payroll, regardless of when the summer instruction begins. ECOM cannot begin before 5/16.

  • Colleges and comprehensive universities must coordinate requests for cross-campus, department, or college summer appointments.

  • The USC system holds total compensation for summer compensation to 33.33% of the FTE faculty member’s base salary for the preceding academic year. This percentage may fluctuate slightly depending upon the number of workdays available each year. Exceptions require prior approval by the Office of the Provost or the Chancellor for comprehensive universities or Palmetto College. If an exception is being requested for summer instruction for FTE faculty on the Columbia campus the Summer Hire eForm will automatically workflow to Provost for approval. If an exception is being requested for summer instruction for FTE faculty on the comprehensive universities or Palmetto College campuses, the initiator must attach approval documentation to the Summer hire eForm. There are no exceptions to Extra Compensation, which is capped at the rate of pay for the previous academic year. 

  • For summer 2024, there are 66 workdays for 9-month faculty, so total compensation for 2024 summer employment may not exceed 33.85%. For 10.5 or 11-month faculty, earnings are pro-rated based on the available workdays for the time outside the contract basis. Please refer to the faculty’s original offer letter to determine the time-out-of-contract basis and manually count the available workdays for that time. Faculty in 10.5 and 11-month pay basis must consistently take the same time-out-of-contract each year.

  • The base salary is the ending compensation earned in the preceding academic year (as of 5/15/2024), which does not include any potential general increases, supplements, or other non-base payments.

  • All requests for exceptions are subject to review and approval by USC Division of Human Resources to ensure compliance with state regulations.
  • Questions regarding accounting information or retro accounting changes should be directed to Payroll at:
  • Questions regarding all other aspects of summer compensation should be directed to HR Operations and Services at:


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