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Law Enforcement and Safety

Bullying & Harassment

If another person is threatening you, attempting to control you or making you feel in danger, learn what you can do to protect yourself and document any threats.

Report Suspicious Activity

If you see suspicious activity, call USCPD at 911 or 803-777-4215.


What To Do

1. Document the events. 
Use our Incident Log. This will help you build your case.

2. Call for help.
If you feel at risk or in danger, dial 911. Otherwise, call Victim Services at 803-777-6472 or the non-emergency police line at 803-777-4215. You can also email

3. Consider getting a restraining order.
If you feel physically threatened, consider filing a restraining order.

4. Seek support.
Individual and group counseling, walk-in appointments and crisis intervention are available through Counseling Services

If a perpetrator is violating a restraining order, call 911 immediately and document exactly what happened.


Documenting the Events

1. Download our Incident Log.
Keep it in a safe place and document every instance of threat, harassment, harm, contact or attempted contact.

2. Notify the perpetrator in writing that you no longer want them to contact you.
Outline the behavior you want to stop and the methods they have been using to contact or harass you. Make a copy for yourself and keep it in a safe place. Send the correspondence via certified mail so you can prove delivery. You will receive a receipt you can keep to help build your case.

3. Take screen shots of unwanted mobile communication.
Print your screen shots and all digital correspondence with the perpetrator. Keep these printouts somewhere safe.

4. Document and photograph all instances of vandalism or damage to personal property.
Keep these photos and documents somewhere safe.

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