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Law Enforcement and Safety

Power Outage

If you experience a power outage on campus, don't panic. Here's what do if the power doesn't come back on after going out.

What To Do

1. Remain calm and stay where you are. 

2. Evacuate ONLY if instructed to do so. 

3. Call USCPD at 911 in an emergency or 803-777-4215.
Tell the dispatcher:

  • Your location
  • The area affected
  • How long the power has been out
  • Any significant water damage, flooding, gas leak or major utility failure
  • Any injuries

Stay on the phone until you are released by the dispatcher.

4. Turn off all electrical devices. 

If you're in an elevator...

  1. Remain calm and do NOT try to open the doors.
  2. Press the emergency button or call 911.
  3. Tell the dispatcher your location, what floor you are near and about any injuries.
  4. Stay on the phone until you are released by the dispatcher.

If you're in a laboratory and it's safe to perform the following, do so...

  • Secure all experiments.
  • Restore all chemicals to their proper place.
  • Open all windows and doors to provide appropriate ventilation. If you cannot, evacuate immediately and tell USCPD.
  • Do NOT open cold rooms, refrigerators and other temperature-sensitive areas.

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