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Student Success Center

Graduate Student Support

Graduate Students may face a variety of challenges in their academic careers. These challenges can impact their success, well-being, performance, sense of belonging, and progress in their academic program. The Student Success Center and Career Center aim to provide collaborative, comprehensive support services to help graduate students navigate these challenges and have a fulfilling and enriching academic experience.

Support Services

Graduate Writing Consultations

Meet one-on-one with a graduate writing tutor to review papers and develop writing skills including organization, clarity, argumentation, citation practices and more.

Dissertation Planning Consultations

Meet one-on-one to create a tailored writing plan for tackling the dissertation. We offer guidance on time management, topic selection, literature reviews, methodology sections, chapter outlines and more.

Academic & Financial Workshops

Requested and scheduled workshops about key topics impacting graduate student success. Current offerings are "Building Your Grad School Toolkit" and "Managing Your Money in Grad School."

Accountability Groups

Meet in small groups for 90 minutes once a week with other graduate students with a dedicated facilitator. These groups are designed to provide a consistent, structured, and goal-oriented space for independent work.

Money Management Consultations

Graduate students face unique financial challenges that impact academic success. Meet one-on-one to discuss budgeting, financial goal setting, managing credit and debt, and other financial issues to create a tailored money management plan.

Career Coaching Assistance

Individualized and group advisement to explore career interests, set goals, and create plans for achieving success in the student's chosen field.

Job Search Assistance

Graduate students can receive guidance on conducting an effective job search, including utilizing online job boards, networking strategies, and utilizing resources such as career fairs and alumni connections. 

Professional Development Workshops

Graduate students can participate in workshops on topics such as personal branding, networking, salary negotiation, and other skills essential for success in the workplace.

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