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Peer Consultant Major & Minor/Concentration Academic Tip Personal Availability Link Keywords
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Carolyn Zander Pre-Business (Major), French (Minor) "Use a planner whether it be an online calendar or a physical planner. They are so beneficial in staying organized and help keep you aware of the things you have coming up." Personal Availability Link   
Aditi Yedave Management and Marketing (Majors), Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management (Minor) "Taking a little time at the start of your day to make a list or come up with a work plan can help keep you organized and on task." Personal Availability Link  
Alana Vodicka Early Childhood Education (Major) "Always keep an organized and updated calendar." Personal Availability Link  
Zoe Tsomos Biological Sciences (Major), Entrepreneurship (Minor), Pre-Medical (Concentration) "Plan our your week every Sunday night to stay on top of all of your classes, assignments, and commitments for the week!" Personal Availability Link  
Hernan Quisbert (International Student) Economics and Operation & Supply Chain (Majors), Business Analytics (Minor) "Planning your schedule in advance and having a priority list will help your academic performance as well as your personal performance." Personal Availability Link  
Aadhya Amitbha Pandya (International Student) Biochemistry and Cell & Molecular Biology (Majors) "Embrace active learning techniques, break down study sessions into manageable segments, and experiment with different study environments. When it comes to exams, initiate early preparation, and strategically allocate time during tests. Your success is a unique journey, don't forget to prioritize self-care, and maintaining a healthy balance between studies and personal life." Personal Availability Link  
Zachary Palmieri Public Health (Major) "Using a spreadsheet for your class assignments is key!" Personal Availability Link  
Adeline Nichols Exercise Science (Major) "Always write your assignments in a calendar or planner so you know when and what is due." Personal Availability Link  
Zoe McDonald (First Generation College Student) Psychology (Major), Health Promotion, Education & Behavior (Minor), Pre-Medical (Concentration) "I strongly recommend incorporating office hours into your weekly schedule to establish a one-on-one relationship with your professor and ensure you understand the topics taught in the class." Personal Availability Link  
Hayley Lawrence Cardiovascular Technology (Major) "Produce your own study resources. If you have the time and means to do so, it can be very beneficial while learning to make your own study tools. This can be in the form of a Quizlet, typed study guide, written flashcards, or a variety of other options." Personal Availability Link  
Marley Kobus Psychology (Major), Counselor Education and Health Promotion, Education & Behavior (Minors) "Use an excel spreadsheet to create a list of all your assignments for the semester. You can put them in order of when they're due and color code them by class. Its a super easy way to organize your assignments!" Personal Availability Link  
Ansley Jansen Marketing (Major), French (Minor) "I believe time management and organization are crucial to achieving academic success. I find it really helpful to write out important tasks and dates in an agenda in order to stay prepared for classes and exams." Personal Availability Link  
Rafael Freitas Pre-Business (Major)   Personal Availability Link  
Sydney Fowler Criminology & Criminal Justice (Majors) "Making a schedule that includes the dates of all your exams and assignments will help keep you on track and allow you to develop a plan for studying and working." Personal Availability Link  
Brian Farrell Marketing and Management (Majors), Psychology (Minor) "Always keep a to-do list." Personal Availability Link  
Lily Eppes Anthropology and Classics (Majors) "The best study strategy is the 30-5-30 method, where I study/work for 30 minutes at a time, take a 5-minute break, and then repeat the process. It helps me stay productive since I only have to work at a full capacity for short-chunks at a time." Personal Availability Link  
Sophia DeMarco Civil Engineering (Major)   Personal Availability Link  
Allan Cabanayan (First Generation College Student) Nursing (Major), Counselor Education (Minor) "Pace your studying throughout the semester to avoid having to cram all of the material in a day or two before the exam! Even just doing a little bit (around 30 minutes to an hour) each day is better than nothing, and can end up saving time in the long run. Also, consider occasional check-ins on older topics as you progress through your classes - especially if you have cumulative exams." Personal Availability Link  
Dinorah Almeida Guimaraes de Avila     Personal Availability Link  
Taz Graper  International Business and Finance (Majors) "Time management and planning ahead are the most important steps to success!" Personal Availability Link  
Maggie Byrnes Finance (Major), Business Analytics (Minor) "Get extra help early. Utilizing your resources as soon as possible can help you keep up with the material before you fall too behind. You will thank yourself later in the semester!" Personal Availability Link  
Jessica Benson Public Health (Major), Business Administration and Neuroscience (Minors) "If you're feeling overwhelmed, break down what you have to do and take on a little bit at a time. Don't doubt yourself, you got this!" Personal Availability Link  
Asheley Burke Pharmacy (Major) "When planning out your schedule for the week, make sure to include time to do things outside of academics that make you happy! For me going to the gym is really important, so I schedule time in to make sure I can go!" Personal Availability Link  
London Dys Biological Sciences (Major) "Don’t wait until the last minute to get help" Personal Availability Link  
Avani Patel International Business and Marketing (Majors), French (Minor), Sustainability in Business (Concentration) "Google Calendar is extremely helpful for keeping track of all of your responsibilities. It also helps to have the app on your phone so you can get notifications before an event/class/due date. You'll never feel more organized than when all of your tasks are in one place (and color-coded)!" Personal Availability Link  
Abby Tucker Psychology (Major), Counselor Education (Minor) "Keep a five star notebook in your bookbag at all times for notes. If you have 5 classes, get a notebook with 5 dividers. Follow along with each class and write down parts of presentations that feel important. This way, if you have a teacher who does not offer their own study material before exams, you will still have plenty to study from." Personal Availability Link  
Cathryn Ogle Finance (Major), Pre-Law (Concentration) "A planner, be it digital or physical, can be a life saver!" Personal Availability Link  
Sophia Owens (First Generation College Student) Business Administration (Major), Spanish (Minor) "Parkinson’s Law states that work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion. It is crucial to take steps to manage your time and avoid procrastination by focusing your attention, removing distractions, and forgiving yourself." Personal Availability Link  
Charlotte Carroll Human Resources Management (Major), Social Media and Mass Communications (Minor) "Listen to your body cues and learn to recognize when your brain needs a break!" Personal Availability Link  
Elliott Fayssoux Finance and Economics (Majors) & Pre-Law (Concentration) "Keeping a planner with test dates helps you stay on track with studying for a course." Personal Availability Link  
Taylor Jackson (Former Transfer Student) English (Major), Southern Studies and Education (Minors) "Having an extra set of eyes will always improve your writing. ProWritingAid is a wonderful substitute when needed, but nothing can fully replace the insights of another." Personal Availability Link  
Daphne Franklin Pharmaceutical Sciences "Don't pull an all-nighter or even a late night to study! Sleeping will help you focus better, and give your mind a refresh before the next day. If you have to, go to bed early and wake up early the next morning to get that assignment done!" Personal Availability Link  
Taylor Gilliam  Finance (Major), African American Studies (Minor) "Manage your time wisely by buying a planner." Personal Availability Link  
Delaney Dunn Public Health (Major) "Utilize the services available to you!" Personal Availability Link  
Ellie Thomson Finance (Major), Pre-Law & Sport and Entertainment Management (Concentration/Minor) "Plan out your week on Sunday so you can see everything coming up and check things off as the week goes on!" Personal Availability Link  
Camryn Lubner Statistics and Finance (Majors), Sport and Entertainment Management & Business Analytics (Minor/Concentration) "Take everything one day and one step at a time. It can be so easy to get overwhelmed at college, but focusing on what needs to be done in the moment can help make things much more manageable." Personal Availability Link  
Anna Michelitch Computer Science (Major), Business Administration (Minor) "Get a planner and write everything down! Having all of your due dates, assignments, and schedules in one place is key for staying organized." Personal Availability Link  
Kayla Ruff Biological Sciences (Major), Pre-Dental (Concentration) "Do what works for you! The best way to stay organized and motivated is creating a plan that fits your personal needs!" Personal Availability Link  
Davyia Burges Biological Sciences (Major), Psychology (Minor) "Get an agenda! Attempting to keep everything in your head can become a nightmare as the semester progresses and courses become heavier. No matter what, just always look at the bright side and know you’re doing great!" Personal Availability Link  
Nikki Frattaroli Public Health (Major), Medical Humanities and Culture (Minor) "Time stays long enough for those who use it." - Leonardo da Vinci" Personal Availability Link  
Nina Frattaroli Public Health (Major), Business Administration (Minor) "Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.
Winston Churchill"
Personal Availability Link  
Karah Harris Exercise Science (Major) & Health Promotion, Education and Behavior (Minor) "Use a planner to plan out the whole semester and every week using your syllabi! It's helpful to color code courses and all commitments as well." Personal Availability Link  
Lauren DeVitto Elementary Education (Major), Counselor Education (Minor) "The apps Alarmy and Finch are life savers for my time management, task completion, and routines!" Personal Availability Link  
Sruthi Sanju International Business and Operations & Supply Chain (Majors), Japanese (Minor), Business Analytics (Concentration)  "Plan, prioritize, and prepare! Always plan your digital or hand-written schedule; it will be your first and most crucial step to success. Then prioritize your goals, and think about what is important for now and the future. Lastly, prepare before it is too late because last-minute stress is the worst kind of stress. Then, no matter what happens, you'll always be a little ahead in the game!" Personal Availability Link  



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