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University 101 Programs

Peer Leader Development

Peer leaders are prepared for their role through ongoing training that provides them with information and support when they need it and when they are ready to receive it. 

Peer Leader Development Model

The peer leader application and interview serve as a selection process and as a developmental opportunity for UNIV 101 peer leader candidates. Through an online application, candidates are encouraged to reflect on their previous beyond-the-classroom experiences and how these experiences have contributed to their preparation for this leadership role. Peer leaders are asked to consider their personal and professional goals and articulate in what ways the UNIV 101 peer leader experience will help them achieve successful outcomes. During group interviews, which are capped at eight students per group, UNIV 101 staff members begin to make future peer leaders aware of intended program outcomes and role model facilitation techniques, community building and active learning strategies.

Spring Orientation is the official introduction of University 101 peer leaders to their University 101 experience.

As a result of attending Spring Orientation, peer leaders will:

  • understand the history, purpose, goals and success of UNIV 101
  • understand the role, expectations and commitments of a UNIV 101 peer leader as it pertains to students, faculty members and the curriculum
  • articulate desired roles and responsibilities in UNIV 101
  • develop strategies for working in a teaching team.

These workshops provide an opportunity for instructors, peer leaders and graduate leaders to share and learn about effective strategies for achieving common course goals and learning outcomes.

Fall training occurs before the start of the semester to provide peer leaders with timely and relevant information and skills.

As a result of attending Fall Training, peer leaders will:

  • articulate the role, expectations, and commitments of a University 101 Peer Leader as it pertains to students, faculty, and the curriculum.
  • develop methods and ideas for specific UNIV 101 course content and activities.
  • develop strategies to navigate challenges a University 101 Peer Leader may face.
  • identify resources that will support success as a University 101 Peer Leader.

Additionally, the training equips peer leaders with strategies for the first week of class. All new peer leaders are required to attend.

Fall Semester

EDLP 520 is a required class for all new University 101 peer leaders. It is designed to provide a forum for reflection on and processing of the University 101 peer leader experience and to allow peer leaders to develop and practice important leadership skills that are transferable to other settings.

Fall 2024 EDLP Schedule

Section Day/Time Location CRN
001 Monday
Carolina Coliseum 2008 12438
003 Tuesday
Carolina Coliseum 2008 12440
004 Tuesday
Carolina Coliseum 2008 12441
005 Tuesday
Carolina Coliseum 2008 12442
006 Tuesday
Carolina Coliseum 2008 12443
007 Tuesday
Carolina Coliseum 2008 12444
008 Wednesday
Carolina Coliseum 2008 14575
009 Wednesday
Carolina Coliseum 2008 16752
010 Thursday
Carolina Coliseum 2008 17725
011 Thursday
Carolina Coliseum 2008 18028
012 Thursday
Carolina Coliseum 2008 23453
013 Thursday
Carolina Coliseum 2008 24061
014 Thursday
Carolina Coliseum 2008 27194

EDLP Learning Outcomes:

  • Articulate the personal development resulting from the peer leader experience.
  • Apply knowledge of first-year students and engaging pedagogies to developing and delivering an effective lesson plan for use in University 101.
  • Develop and apply appropriate transferable skills, such as communication, helping and leadership skills.
  • Develop and share ideas for specific course activities/discussions.
  • Identify strategies to deal with challenges associated with the peer leader role.




Access the electronic Faculty Resource Manual, lesson plans, the Campus Resource Guide and other support materials.

Weekly Peer Leader Newsletter

During the fall semester, instructors and peer leaders will receive an email on Wednesdays that includes information and opportunities for instructors and students, resource spotlights and teaching tips. An archive of 2023 peer leader newsletters is also available on this webpage. 

Peer Leader Toolkit

The Peer Leader Toolkit is both a manual for the peer leader role and a textbook for EDLP 520, the three-hour course that new peer leaders take during the semester in which they serve. The toolkit provides historical context for UNIV 101 and the Peer Leader Program; relevant information for performing the roles of resource, mentor and facilitator; guidelines for team teaching; and community-building activities and teaching strategies to use in the classroom.

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