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University Libraries

Filming, Photography and Video Guidelines

In keeping with the educational mission of the University, locations within the University Libraries may be used as sites for student or faculty film and/or video projects.


All requests for permission to photograph, film or videotape in the University Libraries must be approved by the Communications Department according to the guidelines and procedures below. Please call or send your request to Leslie Haynsworth at 803-777-2029 or Photography or filming for commercial or news media purposes must also be cleared through the Office of Communications and Public Affairs at 803-777-7440.

Use of photographic or film equipment within the library:
  • Must be accomplished without interfering with the study, research, privacy or safety needs of library users.
  • Must not interfere with the ability of library staff to function.
  • Must be done within the constraints of all University of South Carolina policies, rules, or regulation.
  • Must not hinder access to exits, stairways, corridors, doorways, and other library facilities.
  • May be restricted during periods of high library use.
  • Camera dollies, smoke, and smoke effects, etc are not allowed.
  • The filmmaker, photographer, and/or film crew will be responsible for returning library facilities to the original condition found before filming started. Library staff will not be responsible for moving furniture, setting up film shots, or assisting with the film setup or take down.
  • The filmmaker/photographer will be charged for the repair of any damage incurred.
  • The filmmaker/photographer must obtain the prior consent of any individual, including any library users or library staff, who will appear in or be the subject of the photography/videotaping/filming.
Individuals or groups who photograph or film within the library must:
  • Complete the Filming Request Form as far in advance of the requested time as possible.
  • Receive a copy of the approved and signed request form.
  • Obtain prior consent of any individual who is to be the subject of the photography/filming.
Right to Terminate

The library reserves the right to terminate any photography, videotaping, or filming that causes an undue disturbance, violates Libraries or University policies or regulations, or endangers the health and safety of participants, library users and library staff.

If you have any questions, please contact the University Libraries Communications Department at 803-777-2029 or Leslie Haynsworth at

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