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The department houses many major research and primary document collections on microforms. These include British and American periodicals and newspapers since the 18th century as well as major American history and government collections.

Significant Collections Format Location Finding Aid Keywords
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American Periodical Series  Microfilm  Cabinets 64-65  Catalog Record
Online Resource
Early American Newspapers Microfilm  Cabinet 2  Catalog Records
Online Resource
Early British Periodicals Microfilm Cabinets 21-22 Catalog Record
Print Guide
Early English Newspapers  Microfilm  Cabinets 23-24  Catalog Record
Print Guide
Early State Records Microfilm Cabinets 60-61 Catalog Records
Print Guide
ERIC Documents Microfiche Cabinets 183-198 Online Resource  
English and American Drama of the 19th century Microfiche Cabinet 121 Catalog Record  
English Literary Periodicals Microfilm Cabinet 21 Catalog Record
Print Guide
Federal Depository Library Collection Microfiche Cabinets 141-178    
French Revolutionary Pamphlets Microfiche  Cabinet 128  Catalog Record
Print Guide
History of Women/History of Women Periodicals Microfilm Cabinet 44 Catalog Record
Print Guide
Library of American Civilization  Microfiche  Cabinets 133-134  Catalog Record
Print Guide
Maclure Collection of French Revolutionary Materials Microfilm Cabinet 72 Catalog Record
Print Guide
Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the CRS Microfilm  Cabinet 2 Catalog Record
Print Guide
Papers of the NAACP  Microfilm  Cabinets 41-43 

ProQuest History Vault
Catalog Record
Print Guide

 colored, association
Presidential Papers Collection Microfilm Cabinets 52-55   Catalog Records  
United Nations Document Collection Microfiche  Cabinets 99-104     UN
Atlanta Journal-Constitution 1869 - current Microfilm Cabinets 6-9 America's News
ProQuest Historical
Boston Globe Microfilm Cabinet 74  ProQuest Recent  
Charlotte Observer Microfilm Cabinets 46-48  America's News  
Chicago Defender Microfilm Cabinet 28  America's News
ProQuest Historical
Chicago Tribune Microfilm Cabinets 30-35  ProQuest Recent  
Christian Science Monitor Microfilm Cabinets 3-4  America's News  
Daily Express (London) Microfilm Cabinet 80  Factiva  
Daily Telegraph (London) Microfilm Cabinets 76-77  Factiva   
The Times (London) Microfilm Cabinets 11-13  Factiva
Gale Digital Archive
Los Angeles Times Microfilm Cabinets 63, 82  ProQuest Recent  
Le Monde (Paris) Microfilm Cabinet 81  Nexis Uni  
Manchester Guardian (The Guardian) Microfilm Cabinets 78-80  Factiva
Nexis Uni
New Orleans Times Picayune Microfilm Cabinets 19-20, 40  America's News  
New York Herald Microfilm Cabinet 38  Chronicling America  
New York Herald Tribune Microfilm Cabinets 38-39      
New York Times Microfilm Cabinets 15-18  Factiva
Nexis Uni
ProQuest Historical
New York Tribune Microfilm Cabinet 38  Chronicling America  
Pittsburgh Courier Microfilm Cabinet 28  ProQuest Historical  
San Francisco Examiner Microfilm Cabinets 35-37  America's News  
Wall Street Journal Microfilm Cabinet 49  Factiva
ProQuest Recent
Washington Post Microfilm Cabinets 67-69  ProQuest Recent
ProQuest Historical

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