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University Libraries


University Libraries offers a variety of free workshops to support research and teaching at the university. 

Browse our full calendar of library workshops or explore the categories below. Select individual events for details and registration.


Data Management Tools & Services

Good data management improves research reproducibility, fosters innovation, and promotes compliance with funder requirements. Learn how to find, clean, preserve, share, and plan for the management of your research data.

Publishing & Digital Scholarship

Understanding the basics of scholarly publishing will help you leverage your rights as an author to increase your impact. Identify innovative ways to create and share your work through digital tools and methods.

Text and Data Mining & Analysis

With the rapidly increasing amounts of digital content available, it is possible to study your research data and texts through new and innovative methods. Learn the basic approaches to mining and analyzing your data sets and large bodies of texts.

Data Visualization Topics and Tools

Visualizations (charts, graphs, plots, maps, etc.) have become an essential component in communicating data-intensive research and information. Learn about data visualization concepts, principles, and practices. Learn how to use software tools to create effective data visualizations.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Knowledge, Tools, and Resources

AI is everywhere these days. Learn AI terminology, how to create effective AI chatbot prompts and discover AI tools for various purposes.

Citation Management Tools

A citation manager can change your research life by organizing references and doing the hard work when it comes to citing sources and creating a bibliography. Discover library support for learning EndNote, Mendeley and Zotero.

Using Library Resources & Services

Find out how to take advantage of all the library has to offer for your academic success. Whether you are new to using the library or looking for advanced research methods and resources, there is something for everyone.

Classroom & Teaching Tools

Incorporating library and open resources into your courses can promote student success and save students money. Explore pedagogical strategies to use both copyrighted materials and open content with confidence.


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