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Scholarship Terms and Conditions

For All Scholarships At USC LANCASTER

  1. Recipients are expected to enroll full-time and complete at least thirty hours of college credits over the academic year, which may include summer sessions, and maintain a 3.0 USC GPA.
  2. All scholarships and awards, unless specifically designated, are awarded for the USC Lancaster Campus degree programs and such funds may not be transferred to another campus or institution.
  3. For publicity purposes, recipients are required to participate in certain functions, such as a group picture for news releases and a scholarship luncheon.
  4. Scholarship information may be provided to local high schools for Awards Day presentations or upon request, recipient directory information may be provided to scholarship donors.
  5. Students are required to send written notes of acknowledgement and appreciation to donors. (Donor information will be provided to students after initial notification letter)


Renewal Requirements For Scholarships That Exceed 1 Academic Year In Length

  1. To renew your scholarship(s), you must have earned 30 credit hours each academic year, maintain full-time enrollment have at least a 3.0 USC GPA before the start of the next Fall semester, and maintain all other eligibility requirements for your scholarship. 
  2. You can earn a $500 increase in your second year, if you have at least a 3.5 USC GPA, register for the next Fall term by May 1st, and you continue to meet all other scholarship eligibility requirements.
  3. Some scholarships are specifically awarded for more than 2 years. For those scholarships the student must continue to meet the above renewal requirements. However, the student can only receive the $500 increase once, and it will remain so long as they meet renewal requirements.

USC Lancaster reserves the right to adjust or cancel an award at any time because of changes in a student’s enrollment, academic performance, infractions of university rules or conviction of a crime. Any refunds determine to be from scholarship funds for recipients who withdraw from classes will be re-deposited into the appropriate scholarship fund.