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Ready to Start Your Own Club or Organization?

Can’t find what you’re looking for or have a great idea for a new group on campus?  Awesome!  We want to help you get started and provide you with the information you need to turn your idea into a reality.  Follow the steps below:

  1. Review our current list of clubs and organizations to confirm that the idea you have is not already in place.  (Two clubs of a similar purpose can coexist however special approval from the Student Life office is required)
  2. Are you a Club or Organization?  Typically, the differentiation between a club and an organization is the new group’s affiliation.  If the group is affiliated with a department or academic unit on campus, then you are probably an organization.  If the group is simply a collection of like-minded students or students with similar interests, then the group is a club.
  3. Draft a constitution for your new club/organization using our sample constitution.
  4. Draft a budget based on how much you believe it would take to create and maintain the club/organization per academic year.
  5. Enlist at least 3 student officers and 1 staff or faculty advisor for the club/organization.
  6. Send all documents to the Student Life office for review:


If you have any questions about starting your own club or organization that is not addressed above, please contact the USCL Student Life office directly:


Starr Hall 106