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English at USC Lancaster

Every student at USCL takes at least some English courses, including our core courses, Critical Reading and Composition and Rhetoric and Composition. In this two-part sequence, students explore fictional worlds and real-world debates while honing the crafts of clear writing, effective research, and persuasive argumentation. These fundamental skills contribute to the academic and career success of USCL students no matter where they go once they graduate.

English faculty also teach a diverse range of exciting courses in literature, creative writing, and cultural studies designed to expose students to imaginative landscapes and creative ways of seeing the world. Recent courses include Native Americans in Popular Culture, Remixing Romeo and Juliet, and Frontiers in American Literature. English students have also participated in travel study overseas in Italy, Greece, Ireland, and England, and in the US in New Orleans and Washington.

Students who take English courses at USCL—or who pursue an English concentration as part of the Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree—can expect dedicated faculty with top-tier expertise. Research areas include Folklore, Early Modern Drama, and Southern Literature. See our faculty profiles for more information.