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University 101

Whether you are transitioning from high school, the military, working, or from staying at home University 101 will make it easier to accomplish your personal and academic goals at USC Lancaster.  

A Program to Look For

University 101 was developed at USC Columbia in 1972 and adopted by our campus in the 1980s. It is consistently ranking in the top "program to look for" by the US News and World Report. Why? When you register for University 101, you will find yourself in a smaller campus environment that will give you built-in support systems to create paths toward personal and academic success. You will discover dynamic and interactive classrooms, hear outside speakers, and have a rewarding experience. 


Choosing a UNIV 101 Course

Signing up is simple, just tell your advisor, “I want to enroll in UNIV 101.”

You may enroll in a 16-week section or an 8-week section.  Your advisor will help you decide which is best for you.