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The Campus Recreation program at USC Sumter is a viable collection of co-curricular activities designed to give interested students a chance to participate in a wide range of well organized activities.

Why Intramurals?

Intramural activities are a great way to develop friendships and connections outside the classroom. You'll also learn sportsmanship, team spirit and cooperation.

We also hope that through participation, you'll learn the value of physical fitness and the life-long importance of the wise use of leisure time.



We make a determined effort to meet the needs and interests of the student body. Activities include intramural sports leagues, outdoor recreation, individual intramural sports, sports clubs, sport tournaments and special events. Information concerning intramural and recreation is posted on various bulletin boards around campus, but the main source of information is the bulletin board in the hallway of the Nettles Building.

Basketballs, racquetball rackets, footballs, soccer balls, tennis rackets and more are available for your use. There is no charge for the use of this equipment, but fees are levied for lost or damaged equipment. Intramural activities are offered for the benefit and enjoyment of the students, and you're encouraged to take advantage of as many activities as possible.

The Office of Campus Recreation offers student, faculty and staff members of the University of South Carolina Sumter the opportunity to participate in intramural activities ranging from the traditional to the unique. By gearing the program toward "something for everyone", the intramural program encourages individuals of all skill levels to be active participants.



  1. A major concept of the philosophy of Campus Recreation is that good sportsmanship is vital to intramural and recreational participation. In order to encourage proper conduct during the games, officials, supervisors, and administrative personnel will make decisions on whether or not to warn, penalize or eject persons or teams for poor sportsmanship. These decisions will be final. Team captains are responsible for the actions of any individual members of the team and for spectators associated with the team. The conduct of participants both before and after a contest is as important as during the contest.
  2. The Office of Campus Recreation has the right and the responsibility to assess penalties or disqualify individuals or groups for poor sportsmanship.


Rules and Regulations

Activities are structured and organized for safe and daily participation. The use of generally accepted rules, proper supervision and functional equipment coupled with the intramural participants compliance to "esprit de corps," the rules and regulations help ensure a safe and satisfying experience. Participants of the intramural program imply their acceptance of the rules and regulations of the intramural program.


Health, Injuries and Liability

Participation in any program offered by Campus Recreation is purely a voluntary activity. Each individual assumes the risk for any harm or injuries caused by negligence or any intentional acts. Participants should be aware of, and by agreeing to participate, accept that there exists the possibility of bodily injury and should understand that they are responsible for any and all costs arising out of injury and/or property damage sustained through participation. All injuries/accidents should be reported immediately to the supervisor in charge of competition, and a complete report made to Campus Recreation. Insurance is available for USC Sumter students. Contact the admissions office for an application.