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USC Sumter Scholars

The USC Sumter Scholars program rewards academic excellence by awarding up to two years of free tuition to USC Sumter* to the top 25% of South Carolina high school seniors. 

How To Qualify

1. Qualify for South Carolina in-state residency - You must meet South Carolina residency requirements or qualify for in-state tuition.

2. Apply and be accepted to USC Sumter - You must meet the USC Sumter admissions requirements, apply and be accepted to USC Sumter.

3. Complete & submit your USC Sumter Scholar Acceptance Statement - You must complete, sign and submit your acceptance statement to the USC Sumter Financial Aid Office.

4. Apply for Financial Aid - Complete the FAFSA at FAFSA.GOV and select USC Sumter as your designated school (school code 003426).

5. Enroll as a full-time freshman in the upcoming semester - Enroll in the fall semester following your high school graduation and maintain full time status per LIFE scholarship requirements.

* The USC Sumter Scholars Program only applies to USC Sumter courses. Courses taken through other campuses will not be covered.


Quick Facts

  • USC Sumter Scholars is a tuition waiver program.
  • It is only applicable toward USC Sumter courses.
  • It is not transferable to another USC campus or school.
  • It is only available to incoming freshmen right out of high school.
  • It will pay for tuition and fees only, it does not cover books.
  • Important note: All LIFE Scholarships, Pell Grants, Private Scholarships, and Institutional Scholarships offered to you must be accepted prior to your USC Sumter Scholars award.