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Latin American Film Festival

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 17-Oct. 21), the faculty and staff of the University of South Carolina Union proudly present the fourth annual Latin American Film Festival. The films were selected to present various snapshots of Latin America with the theme of resilience. While the films were chose for their ability to represent contemporary and historical issues that have been and are currently present in Latin America, you will notice that certain themes are universal in nature including the challenges of growing up, the difficulty of living in a society that doesn’t understand you, the love of family, and the struggles of trying to make ends meet.

The film series was made possible through support from a grant from the Pragda Spanish Film Club and the University of South Carolina Union. Enjoy!

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A Film About Couples -  Rated PG

Directed by award-winning team, Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada, this film is equal parts candid exposition of the cinematic industry and an exploration of marriage.

Natalia and Oriol are a couple of filmmakers who have a daughter named Lia. One day, they receive an offer to direct a documentary about couples in love. They interview various couples to see how they get along and what their problems are. As filming progresses, their own relationship spills into the film, when they begin to fight and doubt their relationship. But finishing the film becomes their chance to rediscover their love of each other and film.

To watch the trailer:

A Film About Couples

The Infiltrators -  Rated PG

Cristina Ibarra and Alex Rivera’s inventive docu-thriller- a prison escape drama in reverse- tells the incredible story of Marco and Viri, two members of the Dreamer-led National Immigrant Youth Alliance who embark on a mission to stop deportation from a for-profit immigration center. They intentionally get themselves detained to live among the hundreds of multinational immigrants-imprisoned without a trial. As they discover a nightmare institution, they work undercover to impede some of the imminent deportations. Interlacing documentary footage with scripted re-enactments, the film shows a portrait of a group of young people fighting for change.

To watch the trailer:

The Infiltrators

Bacurau-   Rated R

Brazil’s Academy Award Entry for 2019, Bacurau, a small village, mourns the loss of its matriarch. Days later, the village vanishes from online maps and a UFO-shaped drove is seen flying overhead. Armed mercenaries attempt to drive them from their homes by picking the town’s people off one by one. But the resourceful townspeople ban together to drive the invaders away.

This genre-bending film was an award winner and critically acclaimed and was a box office sensation in Brazil.

Dr. Andrew Pisano will lead the discussion on Wednesday, Oct. 4th at 10am in Whitener 105 or online

To watch the trailer:


Camila's Awakening -  Rated PG

At seventeen, Camila was used to winning. She was smart, beautiful and was a champion swimmer. However, during a swim meet she has the biggest setback of her life, a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) that forces her to reinvent herself with courage, humor and love.

Inspired by a true story, Camila’s Awakening offers an enlightening way to discuss disabilities and how they’re portrayed in the media.

To watch the trailer:


Post Mortem -  Rated R

Mario Cornejo goes about his daily business of writing autopsy reports at the military hospital in Santiago, Chile, when the Pinochet coup d’etat shakes him out of his state of apathy. This surreal, black comedy shows among other things, how easy it is for ordinary people to do nothing in a climate of atrocity.

Drs. Tekla Johnson and Katie Klik will lead the discussion on Tuesday October 17th at 12:00 in Whitener 105 or online

To watch the trailer:

Post Mortem