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Honor Code Violation

A student who violates, or assists another in violating the Honor Code, will be subject to university sanctions. Honesty and integrity are integral to academic success at USC Union. This report should be completed if there is a concern about academic dishonesty within the classroom. 

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This form should be utilized to report potential academic integrity violations. Please read the following helpful information to assist you in completing this report.
  • A redacted copy of this incident report will be shared with the reported student.
  • Please include the following information:
    • the course syllabus
    • copies of the student's exams, papers, reports, etc.
    • your interpretation of how these materials might have violated the University's Honor Code

Please enter the term, course abbreviation, number, and section (ex: Fall 2020 BIOL 101 SEC 60)

Please outline the specific academic integrity concern and the information that supports these concerns. (ie. student information appears to be copied from an online source due to the following factors...).

Please provide details about the specific assessment. This should include date(s) of administration, method of administration and specific instructions.

What is stated in your course syllabus, lectures or other documentation about academic integrity? (Please include copies of these documents below).

What is your typical grade penalty policy if a student is found responsible? (If you are a student reporter, please indicate "n/a" for this question).

Please attach PDF copies of all supporting documents including your syllabus, safe assign reports etc. 5GB maximum total size. Attachments require time to upload, so please be patient after submitting this form.