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Department of Biological Sciences


Darren Manuela and Dr. Mingli Xu published a new study in the Journal of Experimental Botany

Learn more about the growth of bracts, the leaves subtending the flowers

Nikita Kirkise, Graham McLaughlin and Katelyn Rygel awarded a SPARC Graduate Research Grant

Sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research, the SPARC Graduate Research Grant is a merit-based award designed to ignite research and creative excellence across all disciplines at USC.

Dr. Tim Mousseau and colleagues published a new study in PNAS

Discover what happened to worms in Chernobyl!

Drs. Kristiaan Merritt and Tammi Richardson published a new study in the Journal of Phycology

Discover the multiple colors of cryptophytes

The Armstrong lab published a new study in Developmental Biology

Discover the mechanisms by which adipose nutrient sensing remote controls the ovary.

Dr. Dan Speiser and colleagues published a new study in Science

Learn more about the evolution of visual systems

Ymani Wright and Dr. Alissa Armstrong published a study in microPublication Biology

Discover where amino acid transporters are present in Drosophila

Dr. Tammi Richardson receives the 2024 SEC Faculty Achievement Award

The award recognizes faculty from SEC member universities with outstanding records in research and scholarship.

Drs. Stephanie Ackerson and Trey Franklin receive a Two Thumbs Up Award

This award recognizes faculty and staff members who have made a difference for students with disabilities.

Biology research course brings fresh perspectives into undergraduate research

Last semester, when Adara “Auden” Grant enrolled in the Research in Biology course to fulfill lab requirements for their major, they discovered a supportive community and gained confidence in their research skills through BIOL 498, a student-driven course offering hands-on research experience and individualized support for up to 15 undergraduates.

Congratulations to our new Magellan scholars!

The Magellan Scholars program was created to enrich the academic experience of our undergraduates through research opportunities in all disciplines.

Biology major reflects on his experience with the SC Internship Program

Keynan Kennedy, a fourth-year biological student in the College of Arts and Science, walks us through his experience with the South Carolina Internship Program while he reflects on his journey at the university.

The Stone lab published a new study in Limnology and Oceanography

Learn more about diel vertical migration in oceans

The Ely lab published a new book chapter in Methods in Molecular Biology

Learn more about bacteriophage diversity

The Dudycha and Richardson labs published a new study in Protist

Discover the early history of cryptophytes

Dr. Carol Boggs has been elected as President of the Society for the Study of Evolution

The Krizek lab published a new study in Plant Molecular Biology

Learn more about the transcirptional control of flower development

Drs. Dan Chappell, Carol Boggs and Dan Speiser published a new study in the Journal of Experimental Biology

Discover why the silver spots on the wings of the Mormon fritillary butterfly matter

The LoPresti lab published a new study in Oecologia

Learn more about seed defense against granivores

Senior biology major Meaghan Arnold receives an award at the 2023 Southeast Regional IDeA Conference

Undergraduate students Rachel Maile and Matthew Duggan published a new study in Ecology and Evolution

Discover how they used AI to analyze images taken by camera traps deployed in Chernobyl

Dr. Kristen Hogan receives the 2023 Garnet Apple Award for Teaching Innovation

The Fu lab published a new Spotlight commentary in Molecular Plant

Learn more about the fight against plant parasitic nematodes

The Wessinger lab published a new study in Integrative & Comparative Biology

Learn more about petal color and pigments in Penstemon flowers

The Armstrong lab published a book chapter in Germline Stem Cells

Learn more about the manipulations that can be done in Drosophila to investigate how germline stem cells are controlled.

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