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Department of Biological Sciences

General Directory

Stephanie Ackerson

Title: Instructional Faculty
Department: Biological Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-576-8016
Office: Sumwalt, Room 319
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  • BIOL 101 (Biological Principles I)
  • BIOL 206 (Genetics and Society)
  • BIOL 302 (Cell and Molecular Biology)
  • BIOL 303 (Fundamental Genetics)


Ackerson SM, Romney C, Schuck PL, Stewart, JA. (2021) To Join or Not to Join: Decision Points Along the Pathway to Double-Strand Break Repair vs. Chromosome End Protection. Front Cell Dev Biol. 9:708763. [link]

Ackerson SM, Gable CI, Stewart JA. (2020) Human CTC1 promotes TopBP1 stability and CHK1 phosphorylation in response to telomere dysfunction and global replication stress. Cell Cycle 19(24):3491-3507. [link].

Wang Y, Brady KS, Caiello BP, Ackerson SM, Stewart JA. (2019) Human CST suppresses origin licensing and promotes AND-1/Ctf4 chromatin association. Life Sci Alliance 2(2):e201800270. [link].

Stewart JA, Wang Y, Ackerson SM, Schuck PL. (2018) Emerging roles of CST in maintaining genome stability and human disease. Front Biosci (Landmark Ed) 23(8):1564-1586. [link].

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