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Department of Biological Sciences

General Directory

Charles Andy Schumpert

Title: Instructional Faculty
Lab Coordinator
Department: Biological Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: (803)777-8759
Office: Sumwalt, Room 320
Charles Schumpert


  • BIOL 102 (General Principles II)
  • BIOL 206 (Genetics and Society)
  • BIOL 302 (Cellular and Molecular Biology)
  • BIOL 302L (Cellular and Molecular Biology Laboratory)
  • BIOL 541 (Biochemistry)
  • BIOL 620 (Immunobiology)


Dr. Schumpert is a lifelong Carolina fan and a passionate educator devoted to making science more accessible to all students. After studying Daphnia aging and helping to establish different molecular techniques to help study the small water flea, Dr. Schumpert turned to pedagogy and took his sciences skills to the classroom. Dr. Schumpert is always striving to make his classroom a warm and inviting place for students to learn and he implements advanced teaching strategies and technologies. He believes science is a universal language and hopes to impart the love and wonder of nature to all his students.


Schumpert C, Anderson C, Dudycha J, Patel RC. 2016. Involvement of Daphnia pulicaria Sir2 in regulation of stress response and lifespan. Aging (Albany NY) 8(2):402-417.

Schumpert C, Dudycha J, Patel RC. 2015. Establishing an RNAi method via Feeding in Daphnia. BMC Biotechnology 91.

Schumpert C, Nelson J, Dudycha J, Patel RC. 2015. Telomerase Activity and Telomere Length in Daphnia. PLoS ONE 10(5): e0127196.

Schumpert C, Handy I, Dudycha J, Patel RC. 2014. Relationship between Heat Shock Protein 70 Expression and Life Span in Daphnia. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development 139:1-10.

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