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Department of Biological Sciences

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Cancer Biology

Cancer is a multistep process during which cells acquire a series of mutations that eventually lead to unrestrained cell growth and division, inhibition of cell differentiation, evasion of cell death and immune surveillance, and acquisition of angiogenic and metastatic abilities. Understanding human cancers and developing strategies for treating specific cancers has been at the forefront of biology for many decades. The nature of investigations into this area continues to evolve as we understand more properties and behaviors of cancer cells. Our researchers strive to expand their understanding of cancer biology and translate these discoveries into novel cancer therapeutics. Areas of research include cancer cell signaling, cancer stem cells, genome instability, mechanisms of DNA repair, cancer immunology and immunotherapy, inflammation and cancer, microbiome, interactions between tumor cells and stromal components, chemotherapy and mechanisms of drug resistance. Students pursue cancer research in these labs get exposed to cutting-edge technologies such as confocal microscopy, single cell sequencing, genomic and proteomic analysis, bioinformatics and data mining, a variety of model systems such as 3D-culture system, genetically engineered zebrafish and mouse models.

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