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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Concentration in Chinese

Languages, Literatures & Cultures B.A. with a concentration in Chinese Studies

Established in the fall of 2014, the Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Chinese Studies is one of the newest undergraduate majors at USC. The degree requires 9 credits of prerequisites (CHIN 240, 221, 222) plus 24 additional credits, which must include third- and fourth-year Chinese language, 6 credits of electives in Chinese culture, and 6 credits in approved courses from the Chinese program or other departments such as Art History, History, Political Science, and Religious Studies. Contact Dr. Gregory Patterson, the Program Director, if you are interested in majoring or have any questions.

Students are advised by the Director of the Program in Chinese or other designated faculty in Chinese. Program faculty know each individual student and help students map out a plan of study appropriate to their needs and career goals. Study abroad options as well as minor or cognate choices are important subjects to discuss during the advisement process. Students majoring in Chinese are encouraged to make appointments at any stage of their academic careers to consult with their advisor, go over their plan of study, and discuss their future goals and how best to meet them.

Please check the UofSC Academic Bulletin for detailed information on the degree requirements.


General Education Requirements
Same as College of Arts and Sciences

Degree Prerequisites (9 Hours)

A minimum grade of C is required in all prerequisite courses.

CHIN 221 - Intermediate Mandarin Chinese (or equivalent)

CHIN 222 - Intermediate Mandarin Chinese II (or equivalent)

CHIN 240 - Chinese Culture, Tradition, and Modern Societies

 A minimum grade of C is required in all major courses.

 Courses for Major in Chinese Studies (24 hours)

Required Courses (12 Hours)

CHIN 321 - Advanced Intermediate Mandarin Chinese I

CHIN 322 - Advanced Intermediate Mandarin Chinese II

CHIN 421 - Advanced Chinese I

CHIN 422 - Advanced Chinese II

Chinese Electives (6 Hours)

Select 2 courses from the following:

CHIN 335 - Women in China

CHIN 340 - Premodern Chinese Literature

CHIN 341 - Modern Chinese Literature

CHIN 355 - Screening China

Program Electives (6 Hours)

 Select 2 courses from the following:

ARTH 345 - History of Asian Art

CHIN 398 - Selected Topics

CHIN 399 - Independent Study

CHIN 550 - Advanced Special Topics in Chinese Studies

POLI 443 - International Relations of East Asia and the Pacific

POLI 448 - Politics and Government of China

RELG 220 - Introduction to Buddhism

RELG 352 - Religions of East Asia

Placement Information

Students with questions about placement in Chinese classes and what level of Chinese to take should contact Dr. Gregory Patterson by email at

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