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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Courses that satisfy credits for the major and minor in Chinese Studies:

CHIN 240 - Chinese Culture, Tradition, and Modern Societies

MWF 1:10-2:00

Instructor: Prof. Gregory Patterson

Introduction to Chinese culture, heritage, and modern societies. Readings selected from printed and online sources. Taught in English.

CHIN 335 / WGST 335: Women in China

TTH 1:15-2:30

Instructor: Prof. Krista Van Fleit

Qipao-clad beauties advertising cigarettes, iron women shouting Maoist slogans, mothers who balance work and family, and intellectual women writers will be some of the subjects of our investigation into the female experience in modern China.  We will examine images of women in visual culture, read fiction and memoirs about women’s lives, and attain familiarity with studies of the female experience in China as to gain a deeper understanding of the stakes for women in modern China.  The class ends with a final project in which students write their own short biographies of a Chinese woman. Taught in English.

ANTH 242 - Chinese Popular Culture

TTH 11:40-12:55

Instructor: Prof. Marc Moskowitz

An overview of Chinese popular culture with an introduction to broad anthropological frameworks concerning popular culture.

FAMS 363 -  Hong Kong Action Cinema

TR 4:25—5:40 PM Screen: T 6:00-8:30 PM
Instructor: Prof. Lauren Steimer
Pre- or Co-req: FAMS 240 or FAMS 300

Survey of the transnational history of Hong Kong action cinema and introduction to critical approaches through which it has been studied. 

 ARTH 546/746 Modern Art in Asia

T 4:25-7:10

Instructor: Prof. Amanda Wangwright

What makes modern art modern? Does Asian modern art deal with the same

issues or use similar visual imagery as that of the West? Through weekly readings and discussion as well as a final research paper, students of this course will examine the ways in which modern art in India, China, and Japan intersects with themes of science, commercialism, globalization, and a pan-Asian revival.

We offer the first semester of all levels of Chinese in the fall, i.e. CHIN121, CHIN221, CHIN321, and CHIN421.  The second semester courses (CHIN122, etc.) are offered in Spring.  For a listing of our regular language courses, see the schedule of classes.


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