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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Concentration in Greek

The classics program offers a major in classics which allows concentration in Greek or Latin languages or Classical Studies. Minors are offered in Greek, Latin, or Classical Studies. The program offers courses in Greek and Latin; courses in translation (CLAS); and courses in the departments of art history, comparative literature, history, philosophy, and religious studies to provide a variety of enhancements to the study of literature and language of the ancient world.

Program Requirements for Classics Major with Greek Concentration
(120 hours)

1. General Education Requirements (53-62 hours)
For a general outline, see College requirements.

2. Program Requirements:
Refer to the Academic Bulletin

3. Cognates
See College requirements.
Note: These courses must be selected in consultation with the student's major adviser (12 hours)

4. Electives
See College requirements.


Greek (GREK) 

121 Elementary Ancient Greek I. (4) Basic grammar and vocabulary necessary for reading Classical and Koine Greek. Assumes no prior experience in the language.

122 Elementary Ancient Greek II. (4) Additional grammar and vocabulary necessary for reading Classical and Koine Greek. Admission only by successful completion of Greek 121.

305 The Greek New Testament. (3) (Prereq: GREK 121, 122) Readings in the Gospels and Epistles.

321 Plato. (3) (Prereq: GREK 121, 122) The life of Socrates based on the reading of Plato's Apology and Crito in Greek. Supplementary reading in English from Xenophon's Memorabilia and Aristophanes' Clouds .

322 Homer. (3) (Prereq: GREK 121, 122) Readings from the Iliad and the Odyssey in Greek. Discussion of the language, background, and composition of the poems.

342 Greek Composition. (3) A study of Greek syntax in order to translate English prose into Greek. Instruction is individualized.

399 Independent Study. (3-6) Contract approved by instructor, adviser and department chair is required for undergraduate students.

501 Herodotus. (3) Readings from the Histories.

502 Thucydides. (3) Readings from the History of the Peloponnesian War. 

533 Sophocles. (3) Selected plays.

534 Euripides. (3) Selected plays.

543 Hesiod and the Homeric Hymns. (3) Readings from the Works and Days, the Theogony, and the Homeric Hymns.

550 Greek Seminar. (3) Authors and topics not covered in other Greek language courses, chosen to meet the needs of individual students. May be repeated with the approval of the Department.

560, 561 Independent Study. (1-3 each) (Prereq: permission of head of department) Special projects for independent study and research.

Greek 614: Intensive Grammar Review of Ancient Attic Greek

Greek 615: Intensive Readings in Ancient Attic Greek (fulfills graduate reading requirement)

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