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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

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From basic language courses to advanced study of Luso-Brazilian literature and film, the Portuguese Program at the University of South Carolina offers an array of classes that provide an engaging experience with the language and cultures of the Lusophone world!

Why Study Portuguese? 

With millions of speakers in Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde and other Lusophone countries, Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the world. The Minor in Portuguese is an excellent complement for U of SC students who are majoring in Spanish, International Business, or any subject with a global reach in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Health, Education, etc. In the classroom, Portuguese Minors study both the Portuguese language through an immersive approach and Luso-Brazilian cultures through music, film, and literature. Outside the classroom, students can practice their skills in our Bate Papo conversation group or by studying in Brazil on one of the programs offered through the Study Abroad Office.

Course offerings in Portuguese

  • PORT 121 – Elementary Portuguese
  • PORT 122 - Basic Proficiency in Portuguese
  • PORT 201 - Intermediate Portuguese
  • PORT 299 - Accelerated Portuguese for Speakers of Spanish
  • PORT 309 - Advanced Conversation and Composition
  • PORT 310 - Advanced Conversation and Composition II
  • PORT 312 - Introduction to Luso-Brazilian Literature
  • PORT 325 - The Brazilian Modern Short Story
  • PORT 375 - Special Topics in Luso-Brazilian Cultural Production
  • PORT 398 - Selected Portuguese Topics
  • PORT 399 - Independent Study
  • PORT 615 - Intensive Readings in Portuguese

PORT 121 and PORT 122 satisfy the language requirement
Portuguese Minor: Students choose 18 credits from PORT 201 and above.

Portuguese 299 - Accelerated Portuguese for Speakers of Spanish

Students who are native speakers of Spanish or have completed the 302 level in the university classroom are able to enroll in our accelerated PORT 299 course, which builds upon the many similarities with Spanish to achieve an intermediate level of Portuguese in one semester! The course immediately counts towards the Minor in Portuguese, and students are then able to continue on to 300 level courses the following semester. If you speak Spanish, learning Portuguese is an ideal way to add another foreign language to your resume!

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