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School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

Faculty and Staff Directory

Xuefeng (Nick) Peng

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: School of the Earth, Ocean, & Environment
College of Arts and Sciences
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Curriculum Vitae
Nick Peng


  • Biogeochemistry and Geochemistry
  • Climate Change
  • Coastal Processes
  • Earth Systems
  • Marine Ecology
  • Oceanography


Microbes interact among themselves and with the physical world. They respond to environmental changes in ways that shape the physical world. I develop, apply, and integrate novel methods in microbial ecology and geochemistry to study these intricate relationships found in marine environments.

Recent Publications

Peng, X. and Valentine, D.L. (2021). Diversity and N2O production potential of fungi in an oceanic oxygen minimum zone. Journal of Fungi, 7(3): 218.

Peng, X., Wilken, S.E., Lankiewicz, T.S., Gilmore, S.P., Brown, J.L., Henske, J.K., Swift, C.L., Salamov, A., Barry, K., Grigoriev, I.V., Theodorou, M.K., Valentine, D.L., O’Malley, M.A. (2021). Genomic and functional analyses of fungal and bacterial consortia that enable lignocellulose breakdown in goat gut microbiomes. Nature Microbiology.

Hassett, B.T., Vonnahme, T.R., Peng, X., Jones, E.B.G., and Heuzé, C. (2020). Global diversity
and geography of the planktonic marine fungi. Botanica Marina, 63(2): 121-139.

Peng, X., Fawcett, S.E., van Oostende, N., Wolf, M.J., Marconi, D., Sigman, D.M, and Ward,
B.B. (2018). Nitrogen uptake and nitrification in the subarctic North Atlantic Ocean, Limnology
and Oceanography, 63(4): 1462-1487.


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