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School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

Faculty and Staff Directory

Lori Ziolkowski

Title: Associate Professor
Undergraduate Director of the SEOE
Department: Earth Ocean and Environment
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-777-0035
Office: EWS, Room 304
Resources: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment
Dr. Lori Ziolkowski


  • Biogeochemistry & Geochemistry
  • Climate Change


Bioavailability of Arctic soils, Biogeochemistry of darkening glacier surfaces, Environmental controls of hydrocarbon degradation


Coppola, A.I., L.A. Ziolkowski, C. Masiello and E.R.M. Druffel, Aged black carbon in marine sediments and sinking particles, Geophysical Research Letters, 2014, 41, 7, 2427-2433.

Ziolkowski, L.A., N. Myktczuk, C.R. Omelon, L. Whyte and G.F. Slater, Isotopic and geochemical evidence of microbial activity of Arctic gypsum endoliths. 2013. Biogeosciences Discussions, 10, 2269-2304.

Ziolkowski, L.A., J. Wierzchos, A.F. Davila and G.F. Slater.  Radiocarbon evidence of active endolithic microbial communities in the hyper-arid core of the Atacama Desert. 2013. Astrobiology. 13 (7) 607-616.

Coppola, A.I., L.A. Ziolkowski and E.R.M. Druffel, Extraneous carbon assessments in  radiocarbon measurements of black carbon in sediments using the benzene polycarboxylic acid method.  2013.  Radiocarbon. 55(2-3) 1631 – 1640.

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Druffel, K.C., D. Vetter, S.M. Griffin, E.R.M. Druffel, R.B. Dunbar, D.A. Mucciarone, L.A. Ziolkowski and J. Sanchez-Cabez, Radiocarbon and stable isotopes in Palmyra corals during the past century, 2012, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, pg 154-162, 10.1016/j.gca.2010.11.028.

Ziolkowski, L.A., J. Greaves, A.R. Chamberlin, E.R.M. Druffel. Quantification of black carbon in marine systems using the polycarboxylic acid method: a mechanistic and yield study. 2011, Limnology and Oceanography Methods, 9, pg 140-149.

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