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Department of English Language and Literature


Dorothy Disterheft

Title: Professor Emeritus
Department: English Language and Literature
College of Arts and Sciences
Resources: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
English Language and Literature
Linguistics Program


PhD, UCLA, 1977


    Theory of language change
    Historical syntax
    Historical phonology
    Indo-European linguistics, culture, religion, and prehistory
    Old and Middle Irish syntax
    Contemporary English grammar


ENGL 450/LING 421    English Grammar
ENGL 453/LING 431    Development of the English Language
LING 530                       Language Change
LING 730                       Historical Linguistics


I am finishing a long-term book project on the development of infinitival subordination in early Irish. It is based upon data collected from all available edited manuscripts of Old and Middle Irish (roughly 650-1200 CE). It incorporates several themes which I have been exploring for some time: what do speakers think they are doing as they introduce linguistic innovations? How do such innovations show up in texts? What are the limits of language - specifically syntactic - change?


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    Advanced grammar: A manual for students. New Jersey: Prentice-Hall. 480 pages (2003).
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